Start at the End, part 1

Ran: Sunday, May 29th 2011
Level Spread: 7-9
Time Started: 7:30 Pm ended 12:30 AM (5 hours)
Difficulty: Very hard, No Mulligans, Advanced Monsters and Creatures with Class Levels.

Rhine, Human Crusader 7
Roka, Foxkin, Ranger 5/Deepwood Sniper 2
Alieena Darkcast. half elf Wizard lvl 8
Inara, aasimar paladin, level 8

Level 7: 5,250 XP
Level 8: 4,500 XP

-None Yet-

Advanced Young Adult Blue Dragon, CR 13 *Negotated with*
Large Shambling Mounds: CR9

Taking a job to evict a blue dragon who was terrorizing a small village in the mountains, the heroes investigate to find this to be true, but the dragon has a claim on the lands and the caverns within the mountain. Negotiating with the creature, they strike up a bargain with it…clear out the dungeons within or never come out. Venturing within the catacombs, then encounter Shamblers who were a pretty moderate threat to their well being. What other horrors await? Come back soon to find out!