Start at the End, Part 2

Ran: Monday, May 30th 2011
Level Spread: 7-9
Time Started: 4:30 Pm ended
Difficulty: Very hard, No Mulligans, Traps, Advanced Monsters and Creatures with Class Levels.

Rhine, Human Crusader 8
Inara, level 9 aasimar paladin
Alieena. lvl 8 half elf witch and 3HD minion :3
Roka, Foxkin Beastfolk, Ranger 5/Deepwood Sniper 3

XP Gained:
Level 7: 7,163
Level 8: 6,000
Level 9: 4,838


32,650 Gold (divided amongst the party)
One Item from the Magic Item Compendium equal to player ECW or lower.

Advanced Shadow Mastiffs: CR 12 (12HD)
Pit Trap (CR 8)
Boss, Elizar Branded Hand: CR 12 Lich Wizard/Master Specialist (Necromancy)
Boss, Iron Golem, CR 12

Wrapping up the clean up mission into the catacombs, the party encounters a very strong group of Shadow Mastifs, Negotiate a pit trap and come nose to nose with a party that almost mirrored them…only were vampires and lead by a powerful necromancer, one "Elizar Branded Hand". Upon his defeat, an earthquake wracks the mountain, and with no escape, the party falls to what seems to be their doom, only to end up rescued by the towns folk. Their battle brought the mountain down…sealing the dragon up within.