Starting Ages And Aging Rules

All races in Therafim can start play at roughly late adolescence. This is the minimum time when a typical member of a race is physically and mentally developed enough to function in the dangerous profession of adventuring with reasonable success. Many cultures, especially in the longer-lived races, do not consider a person an adult until a much later age, though this has no physical effects on gameplay (though it might be a roleplaying issue at times). The average age of cultural adult majority for each race is also listed, as this is a common starting age for many members of a given race. Feel free to adjust your character's age within the given ranges. Typical starting ages for most adventurers are placed between the minimum starting age, and middle age.

Race Minimum Starting Age Average "Adult" Age
Beastfolk (Avians and Mammals) 15 15
Beastfolk (Fish and Reptiles) 20 15
Beastfolk (Foxkin) 15 15
Beastfolk (Lapids and Rodents) 15 14
Beastfolk (Turos) 18 20
Changelings 16 Varies
Dwarves 30 40
Elves 25 110
Gnomes 30 40
Half-Elves 20 Varies
Halflings 20 20
Humans 15 18
Orcs (all types) 15 14
Warforged 0 0
  • Changeling ages of cultural adulthood vary depending on the culture that a changeling is among. Among other changelings, physical age is less important than the achievements of the individual.
  • Half-Elf cultural adulthood comes at the appropriate age for the race among whom the half-elf lives - 18 for humans, and 110 for elves. This generally enhances the sense of isolation that many half-elves feel towards their parent races.
  • Races whose minimum starting age is less than their race's culturally-accepted age of majority often take up adventuring as a way to escape the restrictions of their society, which views them as children despite being as physically, mentally, and emotionally mature as a late adolescent of any other culture or race. Some cultures (notably many elven groups) even encourage this, as a way of expanding the experiences of their young.
  • Races that have a minimum starting age that is greater than their race's age of accepted majority generally are accepted as adults by their culture before they are sufficiently mature to handle the rigors of adventuring.

Aging Effects

  • Middle age gives a -1 to Str, Con, and Dex, and +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  • Old age leads to -2 to Str, Con, and Dex, and +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  • Venerable Age leaves to -3 to Str, Con, and Dex, and +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  • All statistical adjustments from aging stack.
Race Middle Age Old Age Venerable Age Maximum Racial Age
Beastfolk (Avians and Mammals) 32 50 67 105
Beastfolk (Fish and Reptiles) 40 58 75 135
Beastfolk (Foxkin) 175 263 350 750
Beastfolk (Lapids and Rodents) 30 45 60 80
Beastfolk (Turos) 50 75 100 200
Changelings 35 53 70 110
Dwarves 125 188 250 450
Elves 175 263 350 750
Gnomes 100 150 350 550
Half-Elves 62 93 125 185
Halflings 50 75 100 200
Humans 35 53 70 110
Orcs 30 45 60 80
Warforged 150 - - -
  • Maximum racial age is the normal natural maximum extent of a member of this race's lifespan without use of any extensions. While members of a race might have lifespans that are less than this number, none are able to exceed it without the use of other methods.
  • Warforged do not have a maximum racial age, and continue to function until they are destroyed or wear down through insufficient maintenance.