Stone Cold Beast

DM Name: Darkmask


Silarus: Level 6 Half-elf Cleric-Sorcerer
Mythiv: Level 7 Human Warlock
Cecilia: Level 7 Human Wizard
Cordelia: Level 7 Elf Divine Oracle
Rhea: Level 6 Ordained Champion


1) Corrupted Dire Vulture, CR 5
2) Corrupted Dire Vulture, CR 5
3) Corrupted Dire Vulture, CR 5
4) Corrupted Dire Vulture, CR 5
5) Corpse Gorgon, CR 9


Silarus: 2310 exp
Mythiv: 1890 exp
Cecilia: 840 exp
Cordelia: 1890 exp
Rhea: 2310 exp


Silarus: 3610 gold
Mythiv: 3610 gold
Cecilia: 1920 gold
Cordelia: 3610 gold
Rhea: 3610 gold

Quest Summary:

A beast that was already killed once but still rampaged a mining gorge in the Kirsing Mountains called the adventurers out. A rather dirty and foul-mouthed dwarf was there to greet them, and warn them of the dangers, showing off two beautifully crafted Dwarven statues … that prior to the encounter with the beast, had been flesh and blood dwarves! The party quickly surmised that a Gorgon was their target!

After fending off some rather upset vultures hoping to peck at their flesh before it was turned to stone, the party came across the monstrosity. The beast reared its head and attacked, felling Cordelia with the fog of its stonebreath, leaving her a statue, before the others could come together to end its terror. In the end, they discovered post mortum that the beast was in fact undead, as they came across what had once been a burrow holding its cubs, the sorrow and rage it felt as they were lost due to a cave in caused by the dwarfs mining made it seek revenge, even in death.

Although successful, they had a new issue to tackle, their companion was still made of stone and there were no healers in the dwarven camp capable of healing such an infliction …