Stoned Schoolgirls

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Cordy, level 7 elven cloistered cleric/divine oracle
Voss, level 7 duergar beguiler
Aerybeth, level 7 elven paladin
Silk, level 5 catfolk monk
Jasper, level 5 ratkin scout

1 half black dragon medusa (CR 9)

Silk and Jasper: 1,200 xp for each
Cordy, Voss, and Aerybeth: 840 xp for each

1,351 gp for each
1 oil of stone to flesh for each (3,300 gp)

Quest Summary:
As a group of four schoolgirls attending Trevalis Academy vanished while on a little recreational voyage, the party was sent to investigate where they were seen last, near Snake Head island, off Avalon City's coast. Setting down on the island, the party soon found a marble temple, and in it the statues of three of the schoolgirls, in various erotic poses, apparently frozen just at that moment. The fourth was bound and blindfolded in the rear of the temple, where a black-scaled medusa made her lair. The party did battle with the medusa, and bested her, finding several jars of soothing cream that also turned stone back into flesh. Using these, the party saved the girls, and earned their reward.