Story Op Responsibilities

Therafim's Story Operators are tasked, first and foremost, with the duty to be aware of and reasonably conversant in the general setting of Therafim, so that they can assist players in making characters that will effectively fit into the world of Therafim, and also be able to shape storylines to keep player interest strong. Quests and Storylines related to these quests are one of the most essential elements of Therafim, and are desperately needed to keep the site active.

Though it is the primary responsibility of Mechanics Ops to approve characters, Story Ops are also allowed to approve, provided that they abide by all the rules required by Mechanics Ops in doing so. This is allowed to better speed up the process of getting characters approved and ready to play, keeping the site healthy and active. Story Ops are also to actively assist players in making backgrounds for their characters, while Mechanics Ops focus primarily on making sure characters are statistically functional.

In helping players build interest in their characters, Story Ops may craft quests for specific characters at their discretion, though this is only allowed if Story Ops are willing to run such quests for everyone, and not just those players they like, and abide by all normal rules for running quests. Story Ops may also discuss possible REP expenditures with players for special character backgrounds and abilities, and determine rough REP costs for such things. Final say on REP expenditures remains the responsibility of the Lead Op, though the input of the Story Ops will be taken very seriously in making such decisions.

Story Ops should work actively with Mechanics Ops to design and implement changes to the rules of Therafim, so that they better mesh into the overall setting. Approval from Setting Ops is required before changes to the mechanics of the site can be implemented.

It is a major responsibility of Story Ops to be on the lookout for players wanting to become QuestRunners, Dungeon Masters, and StoryTellers, to supervise quests run by these players (though any Op can do this, it is the primary responsibility of Story Ops), and to bring up names for advancement to these aforementioned Staff positions to the Ops. Story Ops are allowed to advance players to the position of QR with only the approval of the Lead Op. However, for additional levels of Staff authority, all Ops must agree on the advancement to DM or ST.

Story Ops should work to craft interesting Therafim-spanning storylines to keep players interested, which may include implementing storyline ideas that others might also brainstorm. Story Ops are allowed to disallow anyone they choose from running quests, or running in quests, even those quests that are not their own, but they must provide adequate reasoning for such decisions to the Lead Op after doing so. Failure to convince the Lead Op of the value of decisions will result in disciplinary action. Also, Story Ops have a primary responsibility the handle disputes that might arise from quests. The should work with the Channel Ops on significant adjudication issues, for additional weight of authority, though they may act alone for minor issues, or if there is an immediate need for action and no other Ops are available to assist.

The Lead Op has final say on all matters relating to storylines and setting, and should be consulted whenever the Story Op is unsure on any matter.