Besides having all the authority of a Dungeon Master (see below), Storytellers are allowed to create and run channel-spanning storylines. In addition, Storytellers are also required to assist in the running channel-spanning storylines run by both Story ops as well as other storytellers. They are also allowed to run plot-related quests, to help with the development of specific characters. Storytellers can be identified by the 'voiced' marking, “+”, in the main chat and rp channels, and will receive a “%” in the questing rooms so that they may moderate their own events. Storytellers will be expected to attend the story portion of op meetings to discuss both their plans and ideas for Therafim.

Becoming a Storyteller requires one to have consistently and significantly contributed to the site and the channel, in addition to being demonstrably experienced at running quests. This is the highest level of authority to which most players can hope to aspire.