Creation S Egg

There are countless stars in the skies of Therafim. Most of them are the twinkling suns of distant planets. Others are the ancient, voidbound prisons of things that were never meant to exist. Then there is Creation's Egg, or just the Egg to most. It is also called Paradise, the Womb of Life, and the Font of Magic.

Creation's Egg is, as the name suggests, a major source of life, not just on Therafim and its surrounding solar system, but throughout all of creation, both on the Prime Material Plane, and the Outer Planes. It is the place from which the souls of living things spring, passing from an unknown but eternal realm of infinite space and removed from time, into a fully-manifested existence in the Planes.

Life is not the only thing that is born from Creation's Egg, but magic as well. Therafim is such a magic-rich world because it is so very close to Paradise, being the second planet in the solar system surrounding the Egg. Magic, in its undiluted and unrefined form, is the raw power to control reality itself. Creation's Egg, then, is the nexus of the Positive and Negative Material Planes, where endless creation and endless destruction meet and pour forth into the physical world, and magic is the result.

In itself, Creation's Egg is a source of endless, boundless life. This is only at a distance, however. Since it is so bursting with raw magical energy, however, the energy of creation itself, an orb composed almost entirely of this creative power (with some incidental detritus that incinerates upon getting too close, creating beautiful displays of color and light in the process), it is considered unwise to get too close to it. While the magical power of those who approach grows immensely with increasing nearness to Creation's Egg, so also does the instability of that power, until eventually it utterly consumes whoever draws too near, tearing them apart between the backlash of positive creative forces and negative destructive ones.