Sunken Citadel

DM Name: Shelindria

*Aireiel - Lvl 1 Elf wizard
*Satin - Lvl 1 Beastfolk Soulknife
*Raydair - Lvl 2 Elf Rogue/Cleric
*Thirteen - Lvl 1 Changeling Binder
*Silk (RP only)

*Dire rats (3) CR 1
*Pit trap CR 1
*Goblins (14) CR 1
*Hobgoblin CR1

1140 XP each combat participants

150 XP to Silk for final RP only
1000gp each for combat participants

Quest Summary:
The adventure begins with Srzkin, a silver colored kobold seeking aid by making a request of Dave the bartender to ask for people to help him. He gave Dave the place where he would be waiting and left. The group heard the tale from Dave and left to seek out this strange kobold.

Arriving at the deserted outpost South of Avalon, the group meets up and agree to help Srzkin. He leads them to a cobble stoned road that disappears into a ravine. He tells them about some goblins and some "tree people" he had seen or encountered. The group made its way to the bottom of the ravine along a winding path carved into the face of the cliff walls. There they found a huge set of double doors that led into a ruined Courtyard. The courtyard was full of rubble and debris from the falling battlement towers. Here in the courtyard they encountered a small group of Dire Rats when they opened up a trap door. The rats were quickly dispatched leaving the chamber the came from empty except for some goblin skeletons pinned to the walls with broken spears.

The party moved to one of the towers next to another set of double doors at the other side of the courtyard, after discovering the doors were blocked by debris. Inside the tower, they faound some freshly slain goblins on the floor. Exiting the room, the group makes its way down a curved corridor to find a large group of Goblins fighting and arguing at the end of a Foyer. Sitting on a makeshift throne behind the group of fighting goblins was a Hobgoblin with two guards, laughing at the commotion. Surprised by the adventurers, the goblins took a few casualties before even realizing what had happened.

The goblins attacked the group under the command of the Hobgoblin, but they were no match for the group and their fighting ability. Although victorious, the group suffered some heavy damage. With the help of the cleric, the wounds were healed and the party survived, leaving to return to the surface. There they found Srzkiin coming back down the road with another person who turned out to be the twin sister of one in the party, Satin.