Surely You Jest?

DM Name: Darkmask


Raethoriel Lithnae: Level 2 Elf Warlock
Gregor Serebry: Level 2 Human Marshal
Brian Love: Level 3 Dolphinfolk Bard
Cerulean: Level 1 Half-Elf Bard


1) Gray Jester, CR 4


Raethoriel: 350 EXP
Gregor: 350 EXP
Brian: 350 EXP
Cerulean: 350 EXP


Raethoriel: 500 Gold
Gregor: 500 Gold
Brian: 500 Gold
Cerulean: 500 Gold

Quest Summary:

The guards of Avalon were worried, there has been a string of child abductions over the past week, a total of 8 children missing and no signs of them, no ransom, no transport, no bodies. The guards were sure the children were still in the city and a live for this reason, but couldn't figure out who had taken them and why. Thus a small band of adventurers were gathered to hopefully get to the bottom of this mystery without stirring up too much trouble along the way. The only lead they had is a few of the children were going to go to the Avalon Town Square to watch the performers.

Deciding to split up at the square, they came across a bard of epic tales, a firebreather, a knife juggler, and a clown, wearing black and white clothing. Raethoriel and Brian were instantly wary of the clown, as something seemed off about him, as Cerulean and Gregor went to check out the other performers. The clown, as wary as he seemed, also was a happy soul as he told jokes, corny jokes but still, and bopped the audience on the head with his sceptre. Soon he had Brian and Raethoriel bopped, and thus, overcome with a hideous laughter that left them on the ground for the wayward fey to feed on their souls. Cerulean and Gregor came back and found their party members in trouble, and together, among much forced laughter from the evil fairy, was able to drive him back. Unfortunately, the jester ran and was able to flee before he could be captured, however the children in his audience were the 8 missing children they were meant to find, quiet and lacking any self-will, they would need magical attention quickly. The party was upset that the jester had gotten away, for they knew it may not be the last time they crossed paths with the dark clown …