Syan S Questionnaire

A: Appearance

1) Describe yourself as someone meeting you for the first time would see you. (Race?, Gender?, Age?, Size? Coloration? Attractiveness?, Dress? Do you try to emphasize or hide any of these features?)

Sy is a tall, wirey wolfen with coal-gray fur. He is not as muscular as many of his race, but his movements and motions are smooth and graceful beyond what is commonly seen in a wolf. His face is handsome-if you like that sort of thing-and always seems to show some type of smile or grin, be it devilish, roguish or otherwise. His dress varies from a simple loincloth to a silk vest and loose arabian-style trousers. He also usually has some type of blade in evidence somewhere on his person-strapped to his upper bicep, his hip, his calf or his ankle.

2) What other details would someone notice on a closer look? (Distinguishing marks, birthmarks, scars, ect?)

The faded ink of several old tribal tattoos can be seen beneath his fur. Ordinarily these types of tatoos are inked into the fur as well so that they continue to show, but it seems that Sy has not kept up the tradition.

3) Do you have a distinctive way of speaking or any other mannerisms or memorable behaviour?

Aside from a devil-may-care attitude and chasing anything in a skirt, you mean?

B: Birth and Family
1) Where and when were you born? (Also good to include: Do you know your exact birthdate? Did anything unusual (storms, accidents, deaths, ect?) happen about the same time, with which some people might still associate your birthdate?)

Sy was born during a perfectly normal winter's day twenty-three years ago. He was an unremarkable pup, aside from being somewhat scrawney and not really thought much of at the time.

2) Who are your parents? (Names, Occupations, Social class, Were they married?, Are they still alive? are all good things to include)

Sy's father was a warrior in their nomadic tribe, killed in an attack on a gnoll encampment. His mother is an acolyte of Fenris, or at least she was the last time Sy saw her. It was eight years ago and he was being run out of town on a rail-and his mother was one of the ones doing the running-so things may have changed since then.

3) Do you have any siblings? (If so, it would be good to describe them as you did your parents above.)

Twelve brothers and four sisters-his mother was especially productive after her husband's death-all of whom are warriors, priestesses, or healers with the tribe.

4) Do you know any members of your extended family? (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins? Also would be good to describe them as above)

Technically, Sy was related to most of the tribe. But after so many times getting caught stealing, cheating, and generally being a ne'er-do-well, he was disowned by the tribe and sentenced to death. Getting caught in bed with the Alpha's wife didn't help his case any. Nor did getting caught with the Alpha's daughter, come to think of it.

5) How did you get along with your family?

Sy got along great with everyone. Unfortunately, no one got along with him. His carefree, roguish ways simply did not mesh with the strict code of the nomadic Wolfen tribe.

C: Education and Work
1) Did you serve an apprenticeship in order to learn your current profession/class? For how long?

Sy's education was eight years of wandering the continents, getting into one scrape and getting out of it all in the same week.

2) If you were not an apprentice, how did you learn your trade/skills/ect? Formal schooling? Informal Teachers? Self-Taught?

Some skills he was taught. A one-eyed cat burglar named Jaresh in Anubast taught him just enough to cause troublepicking locks, opening chains, escaping from locked rooms, purse-cutting, you know, the basics of the thieving tradeand the rest he improvised on his own. He showed a flair for it from the beginning, enough so that he typically attracted the eyes of the local thieves in whatever town he meandered into. Most he left on good terms with, but a few-notably in the city of Riventer in Deepforge and Rosslund in the Coutraman Confederacy-would very much like to see his head places squarely on a pike. Or, if a pike isn't handy, then a good spear. Hell, a sharpened pole would do in a pinch.

3) Who was your master or teacher? (Race? Gender? Appearance? Personality?) Is he/she still alive? How were you treated? Are/Were you on good terms with your master?

Jaresh was the only real teacher that Sy ever had. He was strict, gruff, and a total bastard who wanted both teach Sy how to be a good thief and coerce the then-young wolf into his bedchamber. Sy learned the thievery skills, but managed to stay the hell away from his teacher's advances. Finally, the cat tried to use force to get the wolf buggered. Sy escaped, and the next daytotally by coincidence, of coursethe guards received an anonymous tip directing them to the whereabouts of the cat burglar's hideout. Jaresh still has two years to go on his sentence, and presumably bears a grudge against the young wolf. The prisons of Anubast are not particularly enjoyable for their occupants.

4) Did your teacher have any other apprentices or students? Who were they? Did you get along?


5) Due to the rarity of literacy in this setting, how important are books, writings, letters, ect. to your character? Regardless as to whether or not he/she can read?

Sy reads when it is strictly necessary, but finds real-world experiences to be far more entertaining.

6) Do you have a job other than "adventurer"? Who do you work for? How much of your time does this require?

Does "Thief" count? Sy supplements his income by petty larceny, the occasional purse-cutting, and every so often he gets offers from certain individuals in his past to take on certain "special" jobs. Cassandra Benning, a rich gnome entrepenuer in the Alazarim Trade Confederacy, is on good terms with the wolf and occasionally requests his "specialized" services in aquiring rare artifacts or ornaments. Since she pays wellboth in coin and in other ways. Sy is usually more than willing to help her out. There are other contacts among the various underworlds that occasionally call on Sy for a job or two, but Cassandra is his only really steady source of "employment."

D: Friends
1) Who were your friends as a child? As an adolescent? As an adult?

Sy was popular among the younger wolves of his tribe for his antics and rebellious nature. As he grew up, however, he became less and less popular, eventually leaving the tribe with not a friend to be found.

As an adult, Sy found short-term friends among the thieves of various cities, but none have ever blossomed into what one might term a "lasting" relationship. There are a couple thieves who owe him favors, and who he owes. Most notable among them are Zenny, a one-handed halfling that helped Sy out of a jam once, and Artan Vladmir Buckskaw the Third, a decidedly eccentric dwarf who owes Sy his life after Sy saved him from an overly-exuberant captain-of-the-guard. The captain was in the middle of stringing the dwarf up when Sy showed up and cut Artan loose. The captain lost a leg in the pursuit thanks to a well-thrown dagger. Sy and Artan only lost the pursuit.

2) How many of these people are still alive? How many are you still friends with?

Both Artan and Zenny are still alive, but neither have contacted Sy in years.

3) Who is/was your best friend? What is the most memorable thing that the two of you ever did together?

Sys busy on-the-go lifestyle never really left time for close friendships. The closest he has ever come have been the short-term relationships with other thieves and adventurers over the years.

4) What do you look for in a friend?

Loyalty above all else. Loyalty is paramount between thieves, as one disloyal compatriot can send an entire crew straight to the slammer.

5) Have you ever been in love? Was it reciprocated? Do you have (or have you had) a boy-/girlfriend, a lover, or a spouse? More than one? Are you looking for one? What do you look for in a romantic partner?

Love: Nope.
Romantic partners: There's a party in his pants and everyone's invited.
What does he look for: A cute smile and one or more available holes.

E: Attitudes and Beliefs
1) What are your beliefs about religion and the afterlife? Do you follow any particular god or gods? What appeals to you most about this religion? Least?

Sy sees no point in worshipping anything that can be killed. Or that tells him how he should live his life. Between the two of those qualifiers, there just aren't any gods that measure up.

2) Where do spirits of nature, the elements and the dead fit into these beliefs?

Spirits of nature = some of them are pretty hot, and most of them are decent conversationalists.

Elements = Only one of them is hot, and that's not in a good way. Their conversation typically doesn't get beyond "Gruuuuugh," so Sy tries to avoid dealing with them whenever possible. Unless they pay well. In which case, sign him up.

The Dead = Hey, they don't need that gold ring anymore, right?

3) What gods, religions, or priesthoods will you have nothing to do with?

Depends on what day it is, and how much they're willing to pay him.

4) What is your moral code? Under what conditions will you kill? Steal? Lie? Do you have a personal code of behavior about violence? Magic? Sex? Dealing with Evil Beings?

Sy's moral code is geared towards those who have placed their trust and friendship with him. He will never cheat, betray, or otherwise harm anyone who he calls friend or lover, nor will he steal from anyone who is in poverty. In fact, he'll often give large sums of money away to those who need it. He's sort of a cross between robin hood and a common highwayman, with just a little bit of southerly gentleman thrown in for good measure.

Sy kills when necessary. Granted, the necessity changes on a case-by-case basis, but hey. Sy steals when the mark is richer than he is, and only lies to get himself out of hot water. He doesn't mind violence, though he will only use it against a woman if she starts it. He thinks magic is a useful tool and may give it a try himself someday

Sy only enjoys sex only on days of the week ending in "Y", and doesn't mind dealing with evil beings as long as their plans aren't too evil. For example, he won't go along with the slaughter of innocents-and he will never betray those who have placed their trust in him-but he has absolutely no qualms about pulling off a well-planned heist.

5) How committed are you to seeing through something (a task, quest, bargain, ect) that you have started?

Depends on the task. If it's a personal favor, he'll do all he can short of death or imprisonment to see it through. If it's a job he has no personal stake in, he'll do the best he can, but let's face it, the dead can't spend money.

6) How important are the following to you?: Power, Wealth, Fame, Honor, Family, Friends, Love, Knowledge, Religion, Your job? To what lengths would you go to aquire or preserve these things?

Power: Meh.
Wealth: Sy likes shinies, but only as a means to an end.
Fame: Famous thieves do not make good thieves.
Honor: Turns out there IS honor among thieves. Once Sy gives his word, he'll keep it. As best he can, anyways. And within reason. After all, he's no good to anyone dead. Depends on the circumstances, really.
Family: Considering that the last time he saw his family, they tried to castrate him, he's not especially fond of the idea.
Friends: Friends are great to have. THey're better to have if there's trust between everyone.
Love: Love is for suckers.
Knowledge: Knowledge keeps people alive, but real knowledge can't be found in books, it can only be experienced.
Religion: Meh
Job: Sy enjoys thievering, and he generally pursues what he enjoys.

Ultimately, Sy's one true pursuit is pleasure and enjoyment. He follows that after all else, though he will put that aside if a friend needs him. For a time, at least. After all, life is too short to suffer and brood needlessly. Eat, drink, be merry, for tomorrow we may die. That would be his motto, if he believed in mottos.

7) How often do you remember your dreams? How much attention do you pay to them? Do they inspire you? Guide you? Inspire You? Warn you? Frighten You?

Sy lives his dream every day. He doesn't see the need to recall

8) What is your attitude towards magic? People who use it? Fearsome monsters? The unknown in general?

Magic = Woah, nice sparklies.
People who use magic = Depends, are they aiming at him?
Fearsome Monsters = If I can't kill it, then I sure as hell can outrun it.
Unknown = Exploring is fun. It's even more fun if there's hot alien babes on the other side.

F: Edges and Flaws
1) What are you especially good at? What sets you apart from the rest of the world? A skill? An unusual knack? A certain flair of style or wit?

Sy approaches nearly every situation with a devil-may-care attitude. He is direct, honest, and usually fairly blunt about it. This can be beneficial in cutting through to the chase, but can also cause folks to have a bad first impression of him. Though his natural roguish charm serves to offset that a bit. He also has a flair for the thievery arts.

2) What flaws do you have? Bad habits? Obsessions? Terrible (or embarassing) secrets?

Aside from chasing every skirt that might cross his path, you mean? Sy has no deep secrets, no obvious flaws beyond his honesty and his unwillingness to let any situation get him down. He has a smart mouth, a witty tongue, and that can sometimes get him into trouble.

3) Do you have any enemies? How much trouble do those conflicts cause you?

Several, but they are all locked up or dead at the moment. Or at least, they were when last he heard. Except for that captain-of-the-guard, but Sy doubts he would be up for a rematch considering that he lost a limb last time they tangled.

G: Likes and Dislikes
1) What do you love? (People? Places? Creatures? Kinds of Food? Activities? Subjects?)

Are you serious?

2) What do you hate? How do you typically react to these hated things?

Anything that interferes with his personal freedom.

3) What do you fear? What is your worst nightmare?

Honestly, not a lot. Nothing that he's encountered or had time to think about, anyways.

H: Miscellaneous
1) Describe your first encounter with a nonhuman monster. (Not counting player races, animals, ect that you grew up with, but feel free to mention them too)

Sy went on a raid into a gnoll encampment when he was 14. He was fairly useless at the time, still in those awkward gangly years before his body had developed enough muscle to be effective in combat. He did gain a healthy interest in avoiding pointy things, however, as one gnoll nearly took his ear off with a spear. That same gnoll died a few moments later on the end of his father's spear. After that, Sy took his martial training a bit more seriously.

2) If you are a spellcaster, describe your first experience with using magic. What were the circumstances? Were you expecting it?


3) If you have an animal companion or familiar, describe how you aquired it. Describe this ally's personality, and its attitude towards you. (Loyal unto death, mischievous, lazy, ect)


4) If you have any unusual possessions, describe how you aquired them. Is their value practical, monetary, sentimental or some combonation of these?


5) Please describe your characters general background, this may be any length you wish, but at least one paragraph. You may use any or all of the information above, or new information not covered. (Encouraged)

Sy was born in a nomadic wolfen tribe and raised in the Crescent Firelands. His devil-may-care attitude did little to ingratiate himself to the other members of the tribe, and after fifteen years in the tribe, he was eventually forced to flee for his life over a small misunderstanding regarding the mate and daughter of the tribe's Alpha. After that, he spent eight years wandering the continents honing his thieving skills, his martial prowess, and his pursuit of the more enjoyable things in life. He came to Avalon purely for the helluvit, and has chosen to stay for the same reasons.