Tammuz Talwar-Kadath
Sir Tammuz Talwar-Kadath
Main Theme I: The Water God
Main Theme II: GO Into The Water (see IC tab for more)
Aliases: Ahriman; Aradesh; Abadazad; Balorian Blackwater; Balthazar; Hemadri; Mr. Flagg; The Traitor's Son; Thuban; Zulmat
Titles: Avalon (Knight)
Age: 22 (appears mid 30's)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Sullfur-Yellow (Formerly Green)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 152
Race: Demi-Mortal [Outsider (Native Subtype)]
Nationality: Bazrami; Shimin
Class: Cloistered Cleric15/Divine Disciple5
Alignment: CE (MASKED)
Divine Patron: The Nightmare King
Respected Deities: Cipactli, Falazure
Level: 20
Experience: 198,400
Hit Points: 142/142(DeathPact)/(RenewalPact)/(StalwartPact)
Gold: 36,264gp
Current Status: Active
Played by Sorrowdusk

Tammuz is swarthy, with dark hair, normally kept under a turban. He also usually sports a short, though ragged beard that blends with long sideburns, though he has been known to shave it. His lips seem to be permanently twisted into a smirk, that cannotes a smug sense of superiority or perhaps that he knows something one doesn't. His eyes are pale, almost irridescent green, with unusually narrow pupils that reveal just a little too much of the whites of his eyes.

He has recently emerged as an Abyssal Heritor. Formerly serpentine, now more fish-like scales now cover most of his skin save for his face and head which are bare; those over his throat, chest, inside of his legs and arms, and palms are broader and slightly lighter than the rest, while the remainder on the outside of his limbs, back, and backs of his hands are jet black. His left foot however, is subject to some sort of albinism, the scales and skin here are pure white.

Almost complimenting this appearance are a set of fangs. One of them is actually a magical item (Snakeblood Fang) that gives resistance to poison, the fact that it came in the form of a tooth was a novelty for him. Several weeks prior to the change in his skin, he had a dentist (well, in those days also a barber) remove one of his canines. Dissatisfied with the asymetry, he happened upon an barbarian woman that had filed her teeth to points. Using a quartzite stone, he paid her to file down his other canine into a more similar fang.

He is soft spoken however and pleasing to listen to, and he has charisma that allows him to play the part of a diplomat or decieve when necessary. And when the situation calls for it, intimidate others without raising his voice. Although his appearance is often enough to instill mistrust or fear, any feelings of such were often quickly dispelled by speaking with him. Recently he has developed eyes that have faint inner light (Eyes of The Abyss), an unsettling viridescence visible up close and in the dark.