Tentacle Troubles

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Neysa, level 3 ovida druid
Roka, level 3 foxkin ranger
Satin, level 3 catfolk soulknife
Kayrel, level 4 catfolk cloistered cleric
Jasper, level 2 ratkin scout

CR 3 Mob avoidance
CR 6 mob leaders (5 CR 1 and 1 CR 3 fighters)

Kayrel: 640 xp
All others: 720 xp for each

870 gp for each (from tentacle beast handler, happy to get a meal ticket willing to work with him)
1 potion of Change Sex (300 gp, lasts 3 months) and 2 potions of Arousal (50 gp each) for each party member (derived from tentacle beast secretions, freely donated - see forums for effects).

Quest Summary:
As the party was taking their ease in a traveller's inn near a little farming town, they were disturbed from their repast by a mob on its way past, heading with torches and pitchforks into town! The all-male mob was on its way to deal with a "beast" in town that had "dishonored their womenfolk" as the leader, a burly, barrel-chested man with muttonchops and moustache, put it. The party was able to convince the mob to let them handle the situation, and they went in, only to discover that the "beast" was a rather benign tentacle beast, with whom they were able to converse. It hadn't raped anybody, as all its liasons with the village women were quite willing. However, when they didn't end up just attacking the creature outright, the mob leader and five of his crones showed up demanding revenge, and had to be subdued before the party could allow the tentacle beast to get away safely to a new, safer home.