Terrible Cyst

The Abyssal Cyst, Matra's Wound, The Black Boil, The Infection, The Dark One's Rot, The Terrible Cyst, or simply The Cyst. The land around it is said to be utterly corrupted, stone crumbles, metal rusts, and plants are become cancerous and warped, and water befouled. It is unknown exactly when or where it was first formed, but it is certain that is was created by the presence of powerful demon perhaps even a demon prince or dark god, or the fall of a great being that was once of true virtue and light. It is a physical scar, a lesion on the land itself that bleeds nauseating power. Only an evil creature may claim this power, and it is said that The Cyst itself may even possess some intelligence, although it is unable to act on its own. This is believed to be the reason why it will accept only an evil creature. Whereas other places grant power to any number with a period in between each offering The Cyst is different. There can only be one. By force of will one draws The Cyst into ones own body where it fuses with the body and'' soul leaving no trace of its presence on the land nor on the chosen. Using this power the chosen may smite the virtuous, or should one perish-give a Pyrrhic victory to ones enemies. Should the chosen die The Cyst will instantly reform at the site of their death, indestructible, uncleansable, un-uprootable evil like no other. One would be a fool to slay a foe that was chosen of The Cyst, a carrier of that evil, in ones homeland. Albeit, just how far reaching the corruption of The Cyst is, is unknown -it may depend on its source origin.

Among its many names it is sometimes known as The Dark One's Rot, because it is believed that he may have created the first. It is unknown how many exist in our world, or the outer planes. There is legend of a great demon sent by The Dark One into our world in a long forgotten bid for power in the ancient past. When this demon was slain The Cyst was left behind, a curse on a land forgotten. A holy warrior sought to remove the taint, and when he learned that it could only be uprooted by one who was evil, sacrificed himself, giving his heart to darkness to become a suitable vessel for this power. Absorbing it into his body, The Fallen journeyed far leaving his loved ones and his people behind, seeking to die outside this world. It is said he became addicted to its power but recognized this before it was too late. Before he could be twisted fully into to a champion of ruin he committed suicide. He could not make the journey offworld- and so rather than die in The Abyss or some demiplane, he died on Therafim depositing The Cyst again. It is unknown where his grave is, but it is believed to be somewhere in the blasted wastes of The Godscar, The Abyssal Labyrinth under Panoceana, or somewhere in the Underdark.