Golden Triangle; Holy Ten; Organizer; Perfect Angle

Symbol: A golden triangle with ten points marked out within it
Home Plane: Mechanus
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Cleric Alignments: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Neutral, Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Math, engineering, alchemy
Worshipers: Mathematicians, engineers, alchemists, inventors, teachers
Domains: Artifice (Construct), Knowledge, Law, Time
Favored Weapon: War abacus (same statistics as a light warhammer)

Physical Description:
On those rare occasions when Tetractis is actually seen, it appears in the form of a great golden triangle, within which shine all the mathematical truths of the universe. Tetractis never speaks, but communicates by conveying pure intelligence directly to the minds of others.

Description of Nature, Personality, and Dogma:
An embodiment of pure knowledge of the physical world and how to manipulate its laws, Tetractis is filled with the desire to learn and to understand and then to put what is known to use in some practical fashion. This is also the dogma of Tetractis, and all those who follow th ideals of the Golden Triangle seek to work out and make plain all the secrets of how reality works, and then to teach what they learn to others. Knowledge is to be shared freely according to Tetractis, without any differentiation about what sorts of knowledge are shared - if it can be known, then it should be, or so say the followers of the Golden Triangle.

Clergy, Places of Worship, Important Rituals, and Servitor Races:
Those who become clerics of Tetractis are those who discover enlightenment through the physical sciences. When and where this enlightenment comes varies by the individual, but it comes in a flash that illuminates their entire being, both literally as well as figuratively, when the secrets of the physical universe first open up to them through the power of mathematical principles.

Places where Tetractis is worshiped resemble schools and public libraries more than temples, since they are also unanimously places of learning and research. Stargazing and music are both very important parts of Tetractis' rituals in these places, all of which are intended to teach some important truth about the physical universe.

Inevitables occasionally serve Tetractis, working to correct certain errors in the eternal formulae that govern reality, and modrons eagerly obey the will of the Golden Triangle however they can, though with varying degrees of competence and understanding.

History and Relations:
Where and when Tetractis came into being isn't really known. It is assumed that the Golden Triangle was present, at least in some primordial form, when things were first being organized, and when there were first sentient creatures who could look out into the darkness of the night sky, and seek some sort of order in the chaos. Without gender or emotion, Tetractis is an embodiment of the foundation principles of all civilization, and it is considered one of the greatest honors for a follower of Tetractis to become united with the Perfect Angle.

As might be expected, Amalgam and Tetractis get along well. In fact, some say that Tetractis is an aspect of Amalgam given a separate identity, though it is hard to determine the truth of such things when neither deity is willing to speak on the matter - in truth, Tetractis is unable to speak at all! Ink is also quite fond of Tetractis, and sometimes refers to the Golden Triangle as a pet; Tetractis does not seem to have any opinions one way or the other about this treatment. As more of an object, a semi-personified concept, than an actual person, Tetractis does not have any true enemies, though Lugscar is frequently annoyed by the Golden Triangle's simple existence, and would smash it if he could. Hawl, meanwhile, very strongly disapproves of Tetractis' view that knowledge should be shared freely, feeling instead that knowledge, as a priceless treasure, should be worked for and more difficult to acquire.

Favored Offerings and Justifications for Direct Intervention:
What can you offer an embodiment of the physical sciences? By the same token, what sort of aid could such a being give? The answer to the first question is simply to create, to investigate, and to develop still greater wonders through the powerful tool of mathematics, as well as to teach these truths wherever possible. To the second, Tetractis offers inspiration and nothing more, providing those who seek after the truths the Golden Triangle offers with knowledge beyond their own, so that they can share it with others.