Laying claim to the northern reaches of the mineral-rich Granite Mountains as their own, the dwarves of Thardruin live a life as happy as that of any dwarf on Therafim. While their primary settlement is in Skysunder, this acts as more of a redoubt for the race, and place of craftwork and center of trade. Much of the real business for which dwarves are most renowned - namely, mining - takes place at the various outposts which the dwarves set up throughout their kingdom. These outposts are well-fortified, because of the constant dangers of the Underdark, but are also immensely productive, leading Thardruin to be one of the wealthiest nations on Therafim, though it is also one of the most dependent on other nations for sufficient food for its many workers and craftfolk. Establishing a new mining outpost is always a deadly struggle, both against the horrific wildlife of the Underdark, and also against the other races that live there, including the drow of Zenomael, the fallen dwarves of Kardruin, and the hordes of Godscar as they leak up into the Underdark proper.

Major Races: Dwarves; gnomes.

Government: Meritocratic Monarchy.

Nation Alignment: Lawful Good.

Major Cities
Skysunder: Built into the very roots of the highest mountain in Autumn Land, Skysunder is arguably the largest community of dwarves to be found on Therafim, though Maroko, on the continent of Heaven's Tear, is a close second. Thanks to the constant delving and shaping and carving of dwarven miners and mages and masons and craftfolk for generations, almost the entire inside of the mountain has been hollowed out into levels, and turned into a vast city, leaving only just enough stone for structural support and for defense from the outside world. As an ascending city, Skysunder has many gates, each of them heavily guarded and fortified, both to pass inside and out of the city itself, and also to pass from one level of the city to another, creating a nigh-impenetrable system of defense. The lowermost levels are devoted to farming, taking the runoff of the city's water supply (which comes from countless redirected mountain streams and underground springs) and runoff wastes to grow the fungi that are the primary source of nutrition not imported into the city, as well as food for the pigs that are raised both for meat and for the much-feared battleboars of the dwarven cavalry. Levels above this are devoted to collecting the minerals taken from the extensive mines that circle Skysunder, and the levels above this, where there is better ventilation closer to the surface, are devoted to crafting and working these minerals into objects of beauty and art. The higher levels are living areas, and the highest of all are the reaches of the dwarfkings of Skysunder and the guild leaders who oversee all aspects of life in the community.

Riven: While not a large community by human standards, Riven is the largest community of dwarves in Thardruin located on the surface. Living on the rocky lands to the north of the Granite Mountains, bordering the Iron Throne, Riven is the major producer of grains, fruits and vegetables that the dwarves prize so highly, especially in the making of their best alcohols. It is also a major waypoint for trade between the dwarves of Skysunder and the rest of the world. Most dwarves who live on the surface came from Riven at some point in their long lives, as a stage in acclimating themselves. There is also a significant gnomish community in Riven, who work alongside the hill-dwelling dwarves and enjoy a reasonably peaceful coexistence.