That Damn Paladin

That Damn Paladin

DM Name:

Aeron, level 7 lightlost human warblade
Victor Silas, 7 Warlock, Human | Left after talking with the paladin
Eve White, level 7 Changeling Wizard
Aerybeth, level 7 Elven Paladin
Telsia, level 6, Bunny girl Wizard
Kael, level 8 Beastfolk Cleric

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
1, Human Paladin, Cr 6(Diplomatic Encounter half xp)
4, Quasit, CR 2
4, Dretch, CR 2
1, Human Sorcerer, CR 10

Character Name: Experience
Aeron: 1932
Victor Silas: 112
Eve White: 1932
Aerybeth: 1932
Telsia: 2710
Kael: 1540

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Aeron: 1120 gold, Ring of Protection +2
Victor Silas: 250 gold
Eve White: 2570 gold, +1 Mithril Twilight Chainshirt
Aerybeth: 1120 gold, Amulet of Natural Armour +2
Telsia: 2620 gold, Boots of Swift Passage
Kael: 1120 gold, Cloak of Charisma +2, Vest of Resistance +2

Gold Source: 7300 from the sorcerers possessions. 1500 from villagers(250 goes to victor)

Quest Summary:
The adventurers had formed a group after reading an advertisement in the avalon pub seeking a peaceful resolution to an outsider meddling in the village of brimblepox's affairs. When the adventurers arrived they learned that a Paladin of matra was raising a fuss because Gregory, an aging sorcerer, had several fiends trapped away in his basement. He'd sealed them there after they'd rampaged around the town a year before.

After meeting with the paladin, they decided he had a point about the fiends being a threat, and agreed to help him convince the townsfolk to let them take care of the demon problem once and for. Now a much bigger group, the townsfolk agreed to assist. Victor was unhappy with the tiny reward and chose to take his payment for resolving the paladin problem and let the others take care of the fiends.

After they dispatched the pathetic demons, Eve noticed the traces of magic circles on the basement floor and discerned they had been used to summon the outsiders in the first place. As they went to confront the sorcerer he panicked and began his attack, dropping down layers of spells to buy himself time. Eve would have none of that however and dispelled them all in one fell casting as the party rushed up and after a brief struggle, ended when the sorcerers own summon turned against him thanks to a fortunate spell cast earlier by eve and he surrendered in despair.

After talking with the villagers one last time, they agreed to spare him furthur punishment thanks to Aerybeths impassioned plea for mercy, and let the adventurers make off with the bulk of his possesions in order to discourage him from betraying their trust once again in the future.

XP Awarded by teh Lisa