That doesn't go there

Adventure name:
That Doesn't Go there

DM name: Faithen

Gram Chandler 1 Mouseling Rogue
Marilene 1 Mouseling Warlock
Yae Saryu 1 Human Warblade

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR
6 Goblins, CR 1/3
1 ankheg, CR 3

Gram Chandler: 1800
Marilene: 1800
Yae Saryu: 1800

Gram Chandler: 900g
Marilene: 900g
Yae Saryu: 900g

Quest Summary:

The three found some commotion outside the gates, and were tasked by the Guard captain, who was a very androginous elf (I know I know, it's like saying stupid goblin, or bitchy drow priestess..) to find out what was causing the people to flood out of the woods and into the City. on investigating, the group found a collection of goblins raiding an abandoned wagon, and through either skill or luck, managed to see the Ankheg, the source of the attack and why the people were fleeing.. and escape it before becoming it's lunch.