The Abomination Rumbles... Part 1

Galen / Human / Monk 5 - Drunken Master 10 - Tattooed Monk 1 / Tank+Damage Avoiding / Lawful Neutral / 160 HP / 36 AC

Olivia/Changeling/Psion 17/Long range support and head asploder/HP 102/AC 18 to start, up to somewhere around 40 with other stuff, will let ya know

Yuria/Elan/Level 17 (7 Psion, 10 Crystal Master)/Debuffer, Buffer, Glass Cannon/True Neutral/157 HP /AC32 (Psi Charged)

Kara`nydraess Nyatia. Self Professed Gold Deagon/ Fighter(2) Sorcerer (6) Dragonheart Mage(8). LA+2/ Melee fighter+Tank+short range aoe/ Lawful Good/ 250hp/ 31 AC standing (unbuffed in people form)

33000GP worth of coin
33000GP worth of gems, art, and other valuables
Magic items for each character equal to no more than 20000 gp. This can be more than one magic item, but the total must not exceed 20000gp

Olivia: 3825
Yuria: 3825
Kara`nydraess: 5400
Galen: 5400

CR 17
CR 19

The brave adventurers were all contacted by an obscure and enigmatic old Archmage, who warned each of them of a dark abomination that threatened to awaken and return to the world to sign its doom. After warning them of this horrible evil, he requested their aid and after each gave a confirmation, he teleported them to the ruins that held this beast.

There, they were attacked by a corrupted Black Dragon whom they easily slew. Next, they were beset by a crafty Red Dragon, and after a difficult battle, managed to slay it as it fled. But more awaits them in the Temple of That Which Hungers….

What happens next?

XP and REP awarded by Scathien