The Alexander Family Crypt


  • Teir, Lv.2 Beastfolk Wizard
  • Aeron, Lv.2 Human Warblade
  • Rhea, Lv.2 Dwarf Cleric
  • Zahara, Lv.2 Beastfolk Healer


  • Encounter 1 — EL6
    • 2 Vampire Spawn CR4
  • Encounter 2 — EL6
    • Lv.4 vampire Cleric of Sin CR6


  • Experience 1,350XP Each
  • Gold 1,275GP Each
  • Other
    • Aeron — takes the vampire's fangs as well as the buttons to his outfit.


The party answers the call of fliers requesting aid from bold adventurers to do what the Avalon Guard can not due to the shortage of manpower. After seeing an explosive argument between the Magistrate of the Guard later introduced as Gregor and one of his men identified as none other than Rhine. Pacified by the Magistrate's words, Rhine stands down and returns to his rounds as the party enters the Magistrate's office. Awarded with temporary authority and a map to aid them, the party sets off to seek more information from the groundskeeper of the grave site outside of Avalon.

The grounds keeper however is less than useful to the party, and quite clearly a superstitious coward. Not wasting any more time the party sets off to the Alexander family crypt to discover what had happened to the grave diggers. However, when they arrive they see a shadowed and cloaked figure leaving, only Teir manages to recognize the figure from their previous capture and near enslavement. (see catch and release program). Teir manages to get a good look at the unknown person's face before he vanished magically.

With no ability to chase after the figure the party descends into the crypt and with the keen senses of Teir manage to escape certain doom. They'd found the gravediggers who had recently been converted into spawn of a vampire who'd taken residence in the coffin. Though the seals on the coffins left the party with more unanswered questions in relation to how they were broken and why.

After their successful foray the party discovers the third coffin in the room is actually a secret entrance to a lower portion of the crypt. Where in which they come across a vampire who had been expecting them. With the few words he'd the chance to speak he insinuated that their arrival had been orchestrated for them to be converted into vampire slaves. The party did not like this one bit and proceeded to prove their worth in meeting out justice upon the undead fiend.

Upon destroying the vampire the party returns to the Magistrate who retrieves the badges he'd granted them for the mission. He thanks them for a job well done and sees that they are rewarded fairly for their risk. To be Continued??