The Beggar's Crypt

DM: Scaly

Myr, Level 1 Changeling Abyssal Sorceress
Remhoraz, Level 1 Foxkin Conjurer
Hope, Level 1, Avariel Beguiler
Gwyniera, Level 1 Human Bard
Magnus, Level 1 Dwarven Druid
Aeschwine, Level 1 Bearfolk Barbarian

1 CR 1 rough footing stairs trap
6 CR 1 Infectious Zombies
3 CR 2 Awakened Skeletons

XP Awarded:
750 for each
Circumstance bonus awarded for extended combat and spell depletion

Gold Awarded:
600 Gold each for proof of the Maddened Apprentice's Demise and return of the Forbidden Book

Quest Summary:

The party was assembled at the entrance to the Beggar's Crypt, an ancient and weathered mausoleum used as a resting place for the poor and cast off of society. They were hired to take pursuit of a crazed apprentice who had stolen a book of dark rites from his master and come here without explanation.

Upon entering, the party faced a squad of zombies that carried an infectious bleeding disease but destroyed the hungry dead without becoming infected.

The party then entered the Chamber of the Three and witnessed the gory end of the Apprentice as their entrance disrupted his ritual and shredded his life force to empower the three long dead occupants with a shadow of their former powers. Two wizard skeletons and a warrior arose to battle the party. The fight nearly killed several party members but in the end they were victorious, the undead threat in the Crypt put to an end and the book taken by Remhoraz for safekeeping, though it was duplicated and returned to the paying Wizard.