The Bitter Cold

DM Name: Darkmask


Faelia: Level 1 Elf Ranger
Rallon: Level 1 Halfling Wizard
Dusky: Level 1 BeastFolk Scout
Four: Level 1 Changeling Sorcerer
Kerak: Level 1 Beastfolk Marshal


1) Ice Beast Wolf, CR 2
2) Ice Beast Wolf, CR 2


Faelia: 300 EXP
Rallon: 300 EXP
Dusky: 300 EXP
Four: 300 EXP
Kerak: 300 EXP


Faelia: 360 Gold
Rallon: 360 Gold
Dusky: 360 Gold
Four: 360 Gold
Kerak: 360 Gold

Quest Summary:

The Summer Country is anything but as an early winter seems to have taken hold of the Kirsing Mountains, a strange blizzard having settled in for two weeks going and no signs of letting up, leading Avalon to believe the storm may be magical or supernatural in origin. With a war on the undead looming above their heads, the guard could not thin its own rank for a hunch, however it was fine in sending a small group of adventurers to check it out, simply enough, they were to try and find out what might be causing the storm, and if they could stop it, all the better.

Once they arrived to the bitter cold of the blizzard, it was not long before they were confronted by a pair of strange creatures in the mist, it looked wolfen, however did not breath, or bleed, like a golem made of ice itself. The party had its share of difficulty with the creatures, as they were formidable opponents, and members of the group seemed to be falling one after the other against the frigid might of these icy wolves. Down to their last man, they barely struggled to lay the beasts to rest, claiming victory.

With so many of their party on the snow, unconscious but stable, the party decided it was not in their best interest to press forward. They had succeeded in discovering that there was some sort of magical element involved, in ice beasts could be created in a short-term blizzard, and with that knowledge, and a watchful eye in case any predators would attempt to take advantage of them in their injured state, they slowly made the long trip back to Avalon to report

Exp awarded by Jennibear