The Blood of Innocents: Part One

Quest Title: The Blood of Innocents: Part One

DM Name: Malcolmwrynn

Damien Red, 5th, Beastfolk(Raccoon), Rogue 3-Swashbuckler 2
Mythiv Rallistance, 5th, Human, Warlock
Nox, 4th, Beastfolk(Ragemonger), Fighter 2-Knight 2

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
2 5th level human clerics(CR 6)
4 Hound Archons(CR 6)
1 Very Young Silver Dragon(CR 5)

Damien Red: 2000 XP
Mythiv Rallistance: 2000 XP
Nox: 2150 XP

EDIT: Thanks for being patient guys :P
Damien Red: 2900 GP
Mythiv Rallistance: 2900 GP
Nox: 2900 GP

Quest Summary:
The three adventurers had missed out on a mission earlier that evening, and had thought to drown their sorrows in ale and wenches, so to speak. They don't remember how it happened, but they woke up in a bizzarre holding cell…where they were told they had to fight for their very lives, against three opposing 'teams'. They were released, and fought seemingly brainwashed/addled beings of goodness and light, who looked quite weary. On slaying them, the figure thanked them for doing their dirty work for them, and left a reward with them, and the names of those who they had slain…the facility holds no other clues, but rests in the heart of the slums district, best place to hide such activities.

Awarded by Jennibear