The Blue-ette Dragon

The Blue-ette Dragon

DM Name:

Ariel, 7, Human, Duskblade
Aeron, level 8 lightlost human warblade
Kael, Level 8 Cleric, Beastfolk wolf
Hussam Arbouqa, Level 6, Human, Wizard 3/Master Specialist 3
Lord Stanford Mordeval, 8th, Changeling, Wizard/MasterSpecialist
Eve White, Level 8, Changeling Wizard (5 Wizard, 3 Mage of the arcane order)

1 Bulette (CR 7)

1 Bulette (CR 7) and Halfling Wizard (CR 11)

Ariel: 3150 XP
Aeron: 2600 XP
Kael: 2600 XP
Hussam Arbouqa: 4050 XP
Lord Stanford Mordeval: 2600 XP
Eve White: 2600 XP

Ariel: Ring of Protection +2
Aeron: Amulet of Natural Armor +2
Kael: 5262.5 gp
Hussam: 5262.5 gp
Stanford: 5262.5 gp
Eve: 5262.5 gp

Quest Summary:

Following a ad pasted all about the city, the group met up with a "great dragonhunter" in the back of a warehouse… only to be met by the kobold, Grimyip. Grimyip explained that a local town was destroyed by a blue dragon, and, being a great dragon hunter, he wanted to go kill it. Unfortunately, he was out of cousins to use as fodder, and so needed the party's help. They agreed for a cut of the hoard, and headed to the ruined village, which they discovered was completely trampled by some large monster, and a burrowing one, too, backing up the blue dragon story. They followed the tracks to a rocky hill, where it was apparent they lead underground. Eve turned herself into an Umber Hulk and dug, while Hussam examined the tracks - just as Hussam was questioning the authenticity of this dragon siting, Eve finished digging her way into a Bulette burrow! They party quickly defeated the creature in a fierce battle, and began to explore its burrow; only to find it was partially manmade. Heading down a tunnel they found a hidden door that lead outside, and a hall further in. While exploring the door, Eve began to hear chanting of a spell further down - rushing there, they found a mad halfling, caked in old blood, and another bulette in his laboratory. It soon became apparent that the halfling had been keeping the bulettes as pets - or been adopted by them - until they ate the nearby village. The slaughter made the halfling lose all grasp on sanity. The PCs managed to subdue him, however, stuffing him in a sack and killing his pet, ending the threat.

EXP awarded by Jennibear