The Burning Sickness

Quest Title: The Burning Sickness
Duration: 7PM to 1AM, 6 hours
Level Spread: 1-4


Spud, aka Lervanus, Barbarian 2, AC 18/20 with shield, 32 hp
Seren Arc, Sorcerer 4, AC 14/18(Mage armor), 28 HP
Aliyah, Level 2 air elemental sorcerer, small canine beastfolk.
Violet Atreya; Cleric 1, ECL 3, AC 18, 9 HP


Kobold Assault Party: CR3 (Two Fighters, A wizard and a ranger)
Jakk the Grim: CR 4 Cleric
Contagion Zombies X6 CR3

XP totals:

Spud, Aliya and Violet: 850 xp
Seren, 725 xp

Two Chain Shirts
Two Heavy Wooden Shields
One Handaxe
One Shortsword
One Holysymbol (Gruumish)
One Light Crossbow
Heavy Flail +1
Breastplate +1
Potion of Bane
Potion of Bull Strength

Three Potions of Cure Light Wounds

1,450 Gold A piece.

Tasked with the recovery of a merchant's son from a mining town, the players learn that he remained there to tend to his ailing fiance who was one of many that contracted a pestilence called the Burning Sickness. Violet's knowledge of religion revealed it is a tool used by the followed of Gruumish the One Eye as a means of vengeance. Exploring the mines, they end up triggering a thunderstone trap which deafened them, waited only to be attacked by kobolds and have the wizard amongst them escape, Aliyah becoming infected and ultimately reached Jakk Tornclaw, a cleric of the One Eye. In a final clash there, the party slays the orc cleric, and frees the mining town of the pestilence…but why was he there to begin with? And for whom was he trying to exact revenge? Mystery upon mystery.