The Butcher

DM: Pale

Abby, Level 5
Echo, Level 4
Gauron, Level 4
Red Bear, Level 4
Shelindria, Level 2

Nyx - No rewards, dropped out.

7x Ravinishu (Goblinoid)
1x Standardbearer (Goblinoid)
4x Skele Warrior
2x Skele Archer
1x Butcher

Levels 1-3: 1080xp
Levels 4: 960xp
Levels 5: 900xp


1 - Abby - Heartseeking Amulet, found in Magic Item Compendium
2 - Unclaimed - Skullcap, now a plain cap, was the bonus item
3 - Bear - Barrel of Exploding Barrels, can be used four times a day, each barrel when thrown functions as an alchemists fire. The miniature barrels must be used (exploded) within three rounds after they are removed from the barrel.
4 - Shelindria - Scrollcase, inside the scrollcase there are two wands of Lesser Vigor and a vial of Cure Moderate Wounds
5 - Gauron - Goodreach Bracers, found in Magic Item Compendium
6 - Echo - Goblet of Bless 2/day, Standard Activation, Caster Level 1

Sir Cockburn of Thanesdorn invited the adventurers to travel to the secluded hamlet of Ristramt to meet a man named Cain. When they arrived the air was heavy and many of the townsfolk were gone off to mob the local archbishop. Cain informed them that the Archbishop Lazarus was a man thought to be long dead and was the mastermind behind the putrid water in Thanesdorn. Trying to find clues on what to do the party ventured deep into the bowels under the monastery outside of Ristramt and faced the mighty demon known only as The Butcher. There were trials and tribulations on the way, but all ended well except for the villagers in the mob all dying… sad face.

The adventurers ended up with their reward and being told that the strange markings on the floor of the Butchers chamber would need to be investigated further before the pursuit of Lazarus could continue.