The Case of the Timberlay Lion

Quest Title: The Case of the Timberlay Lion
Level Limit: 1-3
Duration: Started at 6:42 PM Eastern, Ended 11:38 PM, About 5 hours.

Characters involved:
Evelyn, Level 3 Fencer (Sorc1/Hexblade2), Human
Tirzah, level 2 Bard (bard2), Human
Lervanus, Level 1 Spud (Orc) Barbarian
Hussam, Level 2, Human, Wizard

Hungry Leopard X1, CR2
Diseased Rogue X1, CR3
Wendigo X1, CR5

XP Rewards: 625 XP each
Gold Rewards: 1,290 each

Treasures: (To be divided amongst the party)
Masterwork Dagger X3
One week Supply of Iron Rations
+1 ring of protection. - Taken by Eve
Padded Armor
+1 leather armor - Taken by Tirzah and sold
+1amulet of natural armor - Spud's Property.

Synopsis: Accepting a job to investigate the loss of materials and shipments from a logging camp, the group make their way to said place some 70 miles away from the city. In the middle of a thunder storm, the party encounter a dead hunter along the road that was wounded, yet strangely he had been trying to undo his own dressings. Ambushed by a diseased leopard, Levanus was infected with rabies after the attack.

Reaching the logging camp, they come to a scene of utter destruction. Investigating the lodge, they find a diseased rogue who attacks them promptly, all the while something continued to stalk and drive poor Evelyn to madness.

After a very close battle with a Wendigo, the party is then stopped by a ranger and her druid's hunting party, finding the group after the storm, battered, bloodied but alive, they are treated and helped back to the city.

DM Notes:
Evelyn has lost 2 Wisdom that she can regain in 24 hours with a will save. She is however permanently traumatized by the event that she may RP at her discretion.

XP awarded by Lisa_J