The Corruption of the Takada, Part 1

Olivia, Psion 17, Changeling, True Neutral, 18 without mods, 105/105, and long distance head asploder

Sentrosi/Sorcerer13/Human/Neutral/AC 23*, Flat19*, Touch15* (* +5 vs ranged)/ 126hp

Perada Maer/Warlock 12, Uncanny Trickster 1/Dark Elf/Chaotic Good/28AC (nonbuffed)/91 HP

Galen, Monk 5/Drunken Master 10/Tattooed Monk 1, Human, Lawful Neutral, 36 AC, 160 HP, Depends on if he can reach the target or not

3 CR 12

17: 638 XP
16: 900 XP
13: 1950 XP

One magic item of up to 8000gp
3000gp each

Each individual adventurer is given a letter in the dark of night, told to proceed north of Avalon, with a discovery of the utmost importance. They each travel their own way, all meeting together just as they arrive to witness a large city being besieged by an enormous army. They soon witness a lone rider being pursued by three dark figures fleeing from the city, intervening and rescuing the young samurai who bore a holy artifact. They escorted her to a mountain temple, preparing for the inevitable attack of the creatures return…

XP and REP awarded by Scathien