The Council

The Ruling Council of Avalon (or just the Council) controls the majority of wealth and power of the city. It makes all and effectively controls the city. While there are various sub-councils to handle specific issues, jobs or areas, all of them report to the Council. This form of government has endured in Avalon for hundreds of years; though it has gone through some changes over the years.

The Council itself currently has 9 seats. Over the years, that has fluctuated from as low as seven to as high as thirteen. Traditionally those seat have been held by the most powerful and influential of the nobility. While generally a hereditary position, the ‘ownership’ has shifted and changed hands among the nobles a few times over the years. About 10 years ago however, a small change was pushed through. 3 of those seats were removed from the nobility and given to the Merchant Class. Needless to say, those nobles who lost their seats are still somewhat bitter over the decision despite 10 years having past. There is still some tension between the nobles on the council and the merchant seats as well, especially depending on the issue.

The Merchant seats are actually decided by a form of democracy. The 3 seats cannot be held by any Guild member however. It is intended for individuals representing the Merchant Class’s best interested. All independent merchants (regardless of how wealthy/profitable they are) may serve and/or on the decision as to who serves. The term for each seat is 6 years; 1 seat cycles every 2 years as they are staggered. Needless to say, these seats and subsequent elections carry quite a bit of influence, political power and clout.

Current nobles of the Council are:

Charles Fredrick LaVerne Blacktree IV – the Council Chair
Amuinara Daradusk
Lauren DeVillars
Calvin Longbottle
Preilock Taldavar
Amber Lynn Thoden

While not a noble, someone who commands considerable clout (even if he doesn’t use it) is Koran Therogeon – Leader of Avalon’s military forces (the Guard) and military advisor to the council.

For more specifics on each of these individuals, refer to the Nobles page, located here: