The Crossroads of Infinity

DM Name: Shelindria


Alieena - Lvl 6 Half-Elf Wizard
Dahlia - Lvl 7 Human Paladin
Tialys - Lvl 7 Elf Sorcerer
Sentrosi - Lvl 7 Human Sorcerer
Gauron - Lvl 5 Wolfen Fighter
Vladilena - Lvl 5 Halfling Fighter/Barbarian/Warblade

Challenges :
Bronze Serpent CR10
Invisible Maze CR9
Teleporting Door CR9
Glimmerskins(4) CR8

Gauron - 6500
Vladilena - 6500
Alieena - 5400
Dahlia - 4550
Tialys - 4550
Sentrosi - 4500

Gold Rewarded:
5500 gp each

Items Rewarded:
Alieena - Wand of lightning bolt (35 charges)
Tialys - Wand of Call Lightning (35 charges)
Sentrosi - wand of Fireball (35 charges)
Dahlia - Angel Helm
Vladilena - Bracers of Armor +3
Gauron - Adamantine Breastplate

Quest Summary:
The adventurers were met by the Extravagant Halfling that had hired them before to explore the Blackmoor Tower. This time he offered them a palace of crystal. While everyone gathered around and agreed to go, he tossed a gem to Dahlia and vanished before any explanation or clues were given. The gem was a contingent Teleport spell that transported everyone to what seemed to be a vast palace. The first thing experienced was a huge room that was full of Invisible walls. After navigating the maze of invisible walls, they faced an Bronze Serpent. Fortune Smiled on them as the creature apparently could not land a blow. The defeat of the Serpent left the passage forward open. The Doors, however, were trapped and teleported the party to a place refered to as the Crossroads. Each person was placed in a force cage away from the others. After getting the attention of 4 Apparitions, the adventurers gain an audience with what seem to be the ruler or Keeper of this place. The figure was dressed in Grey garments with a featureless mask on its face. Deeming the party honest and virtuous, thanks to the Paladin, the party was returned to Avalon with a new quest and knowledge that something larger was in play. The extravagant Halfling may be the key.