The Cry of the Unborn

The Cry of the Unborn

DM Name:


Killian Felbrecht Quar'Valsharess Cleric Drow/Fox level 1
Valefar warlock changeling level 1
Silarus Cloistered Cleric Half-Elf Level 1
Jyihina Binder Beastfolk Level 1
Conall Bard Human Level 3

The Unborn, Creature, CR4

Killian: 337xp from encounter, 500XP from donating gold to a good cause
Valefar: 337xp from encounter, 250xp from donating gold to keep up appearances
Silarus: 337xp from encounter, 500xp from donating gold to a good cause, 100XP from unwavering devotion to helping out others.
Jyihina: 337xp from encounter, 500xp from donating gold to a good cause
Conal: 337xp from encounter, 500xp from donating gold to a good cause.

Valefar: The Cry of the Unborn +1 Spiked gauntlet with a strong Evil, necromantic aura
Quest Summary:

The Party was all kidnapped from the streets of avalon by an unknown assailant and brought to a room underneath the slums, in the sewers.. taking advantage of the decayed state of the rope and manacles used to bind them, they managed to free themselves.. and encountered two people whom had experienced the fate meant for them.. to be experimented on by strong necromancers. One man had his hands turned into animated flesh while still on his arms.. the other, a woman, had her unborn child turned into an undead abomination in her womb, and sewn back in.. aswell as her left arm which was encased in gauntlet and chained to the wall.. the party healed the man.. vanquishing the undead curse on his hands though.. they were still dead.

Once they turned to the woman, they found out the level of wrongness that had been done to her.. breaking out into a battle, with the cries of the unborn shaking their resolve.. unarmed the party managed to kill the undead abomination while leaving the woman.. mostly alive.

Finally the party escaped.. taking the people with them they found their way to a temple of Matra which rewarded them for their good deed with gold… though they in turn donated their gold back to the church to see that the two had their ravaged bodies regenerated so they might try to live again after the tortures and experiments performed on them.

Valefar, ever the shrewd one, volunteered to dispose of the gauntlet, cursed by the torture and death of the child and mother, taking it to be further experimented on.