The Darkest Archers and the Brightest Nymphs

The Darkest of Archers and the Brightest of Sirens
Cerulean, Bard, Level 6
Miro, Bard Level 2
Liadan, Sorcerer, 10


1500 experience

As the three young women enjoy a day at the beach, their lovely day is destroyed by a wounded beached whale, that seems to have been blessed by the ability to speak and communicate. Saying some mysterious words before passing, the three chase after the trail of blood, coming upon a cavern that had been attacked by a crazed archer, wounded water nymphs, sirens, spread about the cavern with several animals. They come upon a giant fey creature, sealed with chains and a magical lock, with a hooded archer who seemed to be the source of all this misery stealing a magic bow and arrow.
With some well applied magic, the seal is undone, and the huge fey attacks the archer and the archer fled. The leader of the Siren’s, a druid, spoke with Cerulean and her friends, offering some guidance to the young and confused woman. Using druidic magic, she awoke the hidden fey ancestry within the woman, and finally, Lynn was free, and felt the joy of the water and the Siren’s song. As a reward for the rescues, the nymphs reward all of the party members.

XP and Rep awarded by Hopey