The Den of Evil

DM: Pale

Alieena, Level 5, Wizard 16
Dahlia, Level 6, Paladin 16
Sentrosi, Level 6, Sorcerer 13
Tialys, Level 6, Sorcerer 13

4x Spike Fiend
1x Wendigo
12x Bloodhawk 4x remain, 2 of 2 (9)
1x Bloodhawk Nest

Level 6: 1,000
Level 5: 1,200

1,500 gold

A messenger from Sir Cockburn of Thanesdown delivered sealed parchments to each of the adventurers calling them to help him cleanse a 'Den of Evil' from the taint left behind by the ex-Archbishop Lazarus. Within the cave the party fought corrupted porcupine like creatures that fired quills at them, and a huge yeti which took Dahlia into its massive claws and fought valiantly even to the point of using its own severed arm as a weapon.

The hulking creature had kept a lot of trinkets off of the things it killed, though the adventurers paid no heed to them and proceeded onwards to find any further corruption within the caves. They heard a fleshy pulsing sound from deeper within, a hive of batlike stinging creatures, it was the end of the road for this adventure but not without a gruelling fight to end it and cleanse the den of evil of its taint. When they were done soil shifted above them revealing tiny shafts for light to filter down from above, the place was all right and good again.