The Dollmaker Part 1

Quest title: The Dollmaker
Level Spread: 5-9
Duration: 6 Hours+ (Continued)
Type: Dungeon Crawl


Seren Arc, Level 6 Sorceror
Stanford Mordeval, Level 5 Wizard
Tirzah, Level 6 Bard
Serenity, Level 7 Psion
Nerylos, Level 7 (4 ranger, 3 Duskblade)
Roka, Level 9 (5 Ranger, 4 Deepwood Sniper)
Kael, Level 6 Cleric

Current Encounters:
Drownling trap, Cr 9
Adder's breath trap, Cr9
Speared ceiling trap, Cr7
Phalanx of Doors Trap, Cr 5
Flechette of Darts Trap, Cr 6
Hellcats, two, Cr 9 EACH! (Roka gets XP for only one)

XP Earned so far:

Level 5: 5125
Level 6: 4550
Level 7: 3558
Level 9: 1838

1x Sword of Subtlety
1x Bag of Platinum pieces, 150
1x Scroll, Mage Armor Greater
1x Scroll, Lesser, Vigor, Mass
1x Potion, Bull strength

Taking a job for a wealthy merchant, Our heroes venture to the mansion of a famous dollmaker, only to discover a party has gone before them, and failed. Assisting survivors, enduring numerous traps and snares, they manage to find one of the three pieces of the a doll they must find which contains the soul of a young girl…the dungeon is hard, and it has only just begun!