The Dollmaker, Finale

Quest Name: The Dollmaker, Finale
Quest Duration: 8+ Hours (Over two days)
Type: Dungeon Crawl/Puzzle

Stan, Level 6 Wizard
Seren, Level 7 Sorceror
Kael, Level 7 Cleric
Tirzah, Level 7 Bard
Nerylos, Level 7 (4 Ranger, 3 Duskblade)
Serenity, Level 7 Psion
Roka, Level 9 (5 Ranger, 4 Deepwood Sniper)


Hellhole Puzzle: CR12
Abishai Guardians: CR 9


Level 6: 3,057 XP
Level 7: 2,100 XP
Level 9: 1,975 XP

135,000 Gold (19,285 gold a character)
One magic item of the ECW of a 7th level character or lower.
Doll Replica of each party member, exquisite quality

RP Device: Party now has a friendly rivalry going with an NPC Adventuring troupe.

Final Results:
The party opts to hunt for the hellhole, the source of the Devil, Karos's power. Getting to it was not easy with its energies warping the very environment around itself. Finding a chamber with the gigantic device inside, protected by powerful magics, they figure out how he was binding souls to the dolls and use that against him to shut the hell hole, thus pulling the very soul out of the Devil and locking it away inside of a Doll…a fitting end to a very corrupted soul. Escaping the collapsing dungeon, the heroes come away from it…beleaguered, stronger and has made new friends and a friendly rivalry amongst a group of fellow adventurers. However, the Doan's have decided it best to move far away from Avalon, burning down their mansion beforehand, to live their lives in peace.

The end….?