The Dollmaker Part 2

Quest Title: The Doll Maker, Part 2
Level Spread: 6-9
Type: Dungeon Crawl/Puzzle/Battle
Duration: 6 Hours


Stan, Level 6 Wizard
Seren, Level 7 Sorceror
Kael, Level 7 Cleric
Tirzah, Level 7 Bard
Nerylos, Level 7 (4 Ranger, 3 Duskblade)
Serenity, Level 7 Psion
Roka, Level 9 (5 Ranger, 4 Deepwood Sniper)

(Notice a pattern here? XD)

Furnace Game Trap: Cr: 6
Marrisa Puzzle: Cr: 4
Psychic Crush Trap: Cr 9
Mind Thrust Trap: Cr 4

Boss: Aspect of Bel: CR 9 War Cleric Build
Bearded Devil CR 8

Experience Earned:

Level 7: 1,650 XP
Level 9: 1,028 XP
Stan only gets 1,028 XP for the Devil's fight only.

Obsidian Great Axe X1
Obsidian Guisarme X1
Cursed Dove's Harp (See Below)
Brooch of Shielding
Wand of Cure Serious Wounds (25 Charges)
Wand of Rust Ray (25 Charges)
2,350 Gold (Divided amongst the group)

In part two of this three part story, Our heroes rescue a damsel in distress, who is in actuality the wife of the dollmaker, and also an Erinyes who had seen the error of her ways years ago and chose to live with her human husband in peace. However, her brother, A Deceiver Devil named Karos had other plans. Escaping a maze of mirrors by the skin of their teeth as they fled a Psion Killer, and after a tense battle between an Aspect of Bel and its lieutenant, they learn the Aspect was once the Dollmaker himself, Mortimer Doan who unwillingly submitted to its aspect to keep his love alive. Now free and the heroes having saved the last remnants of a previous adventuring party, they must now make a choice? Seal the Hell Hole or confront Karos himself.

DM Note, Harp: The Harp can be de-cursed by the use of a Limited Wish spell. Which the owner will have to pay out of pocket to have cast or find someone of level who is willing to cast it for her.