The Fall Of The House Of Delacourte

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Galen, level 10 human monk.drunken master (missed last battle rewards)
Sentrosi, level 11 human celestial sorcerer
Tonia Aldrecen, level 13 aasimar cleric/radiant servant
Kara'nydraess, level 13 human fighter/sorcerer/dragonheart mage
Tammuz level 15 human cleric/warlock/eldritch disciple
Olivia, level 14 changeling psion/psion uncarnate

Dread Blossom Swarm (CR 6) (avoided)
4 will-o-wisps (CR 6 each, CR 10 total)
3 Bulezau (CR 9 each, CR 12 total)
4 Chambers (CR 6 each)
1 Glabrezu (CR 13)

Galen: 2,100 xp
Sentrosi: 3,055 xp
Kara and Tonia: 1,755 xp for each
Olivia: 1,275 xp
Tammuz: 780 xp

9,000 gp for each (7,000 gp for Galen)
-Any one item, found in the Urian estate, or as a reward from the people of Avalon City, of 15,000 gp or less.
-Numerous books and notes on arcane, religious, and planar material (mostly a flavor treasure - there's plenty for all of you).
-Tammuz gains a fiendish familiar (allows non-obvious use of clerical symbol) and the return of his lost love.

Quest Summary:
For two days, the sun was suddenly blotted out, prompting the heroes of the realm to rise to come to its aid. Tammuz had discovered the presence of several dangerous cultists on the estate of Urian Delacourte, a noble of some prestige, but not much wisdom, as he was the last heir of the Delacourte line, and foolish with his money and the people he spent time with. Among them were cultists, left over from the Dark One's invasion of Avalon City. He soon became lured by power…and then betrayed and possessed by a glabrezu, who intended to use him as a vessel to allow the Dark One and Apophis to act in alliance and blot out the sun all over the world, forever, using something called the Pyramid of Darkness. But the party were able to pass through the dangerous rooms of the ritual, passing rooms of Bone, Blood, Breath, and Sense, and then fighting the glabrezu itself, forcing it from Urian's body. The young noble was abject in his apologies, and was given some clemency by the Council of Avalon City. Enough so that he was allowed to devote himself to the service of Tamara for the rest of his life as a healer, giving his all in service to the poor of Avalon City. But according to Tammuz's research, there was supposed to be an evil halfling, and golems as well protecting the place. But neither of these were found. It seems, then, that the cult lives on…as do their plans. served as inspiration for the rooms.