The Forgotten Tomb

The Forgotten Tomb

DM Name: Scaly


Raydair, Level 2, Elf, Cleric1-Rogue1, HP18, AC19
Shelindria, Level 4 Half Drow Shadowcaster 28 HP AC 12 (18 with buff)
Magnus ver Magnusson, Level 3 Sundered Dwarf, Druid, HP39, AC22
Serenity, Level 4 Human Wilder, HP 32/32, AC 18
Nerylos, level 2 Beastfolk Ranger, 20 hp 19 ac
Lily, level 3 Wolfen monk, 33 hp 17 ac
Lillith 4 human Dusckblade 44/44 16
Saya, Beastkin Druid lvl 3, 30/30, AC 19

Howl of the Hungry Dead Trap CR2
Former City Survey Team (Wights) CR3 x 6

500 XP each for surviving

100 GP stipend each from the builder for discovering what had happened down there.

Quest Summary:
The party finds themselves assembled outside of a breech in the wall of one of the ancient tunnels beneath Avalon. This tunnel was being surveyed for removal to allow for subterranean levels to be included in a new building. The survey crew reported a weakening in the wall that turned out to be a breech. They were not heard from again after investigating further. Their disappearance was accompanied by sounds of violence reported by the two crew left behind who promptly fled to the service. The sponsoring power felt the situation required adventurer muscle, and gathered the group of repondents, you, here. The area is completely dark, save for any torches or glowing items the party has with them.
The party pressed forward to find two ancient chambers that predated the tunnel system by centuries. The walls covered in hoary glowing moss and chiselled with ancients runes. The first room was nondescript save for an ancient stone door at one end, half opened. As the party approached it, a blast of unwholesome air blew out of it, some of them hearing dark promises on the wind and fear entering their minds. In the next room huddled the survey team; horribly transformed into wights and hungry for life. They fell upon the party and battered the dwarf Magnus within an inch of his life as the party's front line disintegrated, allowing the undead horrors to swarm those in the back who were not as strong. Fleeing under the cover of the shadowcaster Shelindria's magic, the party withdrew back to the tunnels, where they discovered that the undead were unable to cross the threshold into the more recent but still ancient tunnel.
With none of their number lost by luck more than anything else. The party learned from the harrowing experience, and the guild who lost their crew were glad to discover their fate so that the more capable could be contracted to recover their mortal remains. Each member of the party was given a 10 platinum (100gold) gratuity for their services.