The Forgotten Town

The Forgotten Town

DM Name:

Korogo Tearhail / Warblade / 1
Rhea Steelheart Level 3 Cleric
Tirzah Selah, level 4 Bard
Lord Stanford/Sorcerer/2/

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format): Since we have a large party, I'm counting the level 3s and 4s as the main group, and the 1s and 2s as a support force that when combined, form a party level 4 equivilent character.

Cube Ooze (custom creature) CR4
Hidden door CR0 exp bonus for finding it
Cultist Ghoul CR4

Experience: 1,100 experience per character

Treasure: 1,200 per person
2,400 gold in assorted coins
4,800 gold quest reward

Quest Summary:

The party was called upon to help with a problem at the Baron Ashwood estate. As it turned out, a survey team discovered the ruins of a very old town on the Baron's estate and in the town was a mysterious set of stone stairs that lead underground. The Baron sent in a team to investigate but they never came back. So, the mercenaries were called in.

The party discovered that beneath the ground had been a temple, and in the past it was overrun by a group of cultists. In the nightmarish horror of it all, a perverted evil had lingered. Sealed up for centuries the evil had been undisturbed until the arrival of the soldiers.

The party defeated a strange creature in the bowels of the temple and brought an end to the unhappy story of the forgotten town.

XP Awarded by the Lisa