The forsaken tower

Quest Title: The Forsaken Tower

DM Name: Shelindria


  • Kevarl - Lvl 3 Izakar Sorcerer
  • Neysa - Lvl 1 Beastfolk Druid
  • Kyesni - Lvl 1 Human Swashbuckler
  • Silk - Lvl 2 Beastfolk Monk
  • Jenner - Lvl 3 Wolfen Barbarian/Fighter

Challenges :

  • Ethereal visage CR 4
  • Salamander (4) CR 3


  • 990 each


  • 1500 gold each (found in chest uncovered when the Tower vanished)

Quest Summary:
The adventurers stumbled onto a ruined and dilapidated tower that gave off an eerie aura. The area around it mirrored the tower itself, twisted and decaying. Trying to see if the tower was occupied, they knocked on the door only to have it crumble before their eyes. The inside of the tower showed no signs of aging or decay. The only thing that indicated that it had not been used in a very long time was the fact that everything was covered in dust and cobwebs.
Entering the tower, a few of the adventurers caught sight of an apparition at the other end of the room, motioning them to come closer. The apparition was a man dressed in elegant wizard robes. He continued to motion for the group to come closer. When they finally got with in reach, he reached out his hand for them to take it. Touching the hand, resulted in a scene that depicted what had happened in the past. The wizard had tried to summon something that turned on him, trapping him between worlds and twisting the reality around the tower. The scene faded back to the present and the apparition pointed to a single skull with fiery red gems in its eye sockets followed by a motion to break it.
When the party tried to break it, four fiery salamanders burst forth from the eyes and attacked them. As each Salamander fell the tower began to burn wildly. The last Salamander exploded in a flash of fire completely engulfing the tower. Fleeing the inferno, the adventurers witnessed the tower collapsing and imploding leaving nothing to prove it was there except a chest filled with gold which was split between the party. As the tower vanished the apparition appeared once more and whispered a Thank you as he vanished from sight too.