The Gash

Evangeline's Gash

Benoît Gasteau - Arrogant dark haired man who leads the group. [LE]
Larson Unger - Angry little man who makes snide remarks. [LE]
Arseny Arsov- Burly man that rarely speaks; not stupid only taciturn. [LN]
Conrad Ramirez - Effeminate blonde guy, a "ladies man" [LN]
Klaudio DeLuca - Greedy bespectacled man, always with a plan. [LE]
Havoc! - a heavily muscled mastiff, serves the role of watch dog. [NN]

This band of men serves and protects the occupants of the House. With his consort and his little girl at stake now, Master Kadath saw fit to hire extra protection. The men were among the City Watch and well aquainted with one another, when they left their public service to seek private employment. Old Archie, a retired soldier called the lackeys a "gash" in the honor worn fabric of the Avalon's blue and gold standard. Rather than be insulted, they quite readily accepted the moniker. He is quite glad the lot never made it into the ranks City Guard. He would actually rather they not be within Master Kadath's House, but they are not so offensive to his sensibilities that he would consider leaving Kadath House because of them.

Arseny at least, listens to his war stories, and is the best liked by Archibald. Larson is the least liked by anybody -and so he usually keeps watch outside, where he can be seen whittling. Conrad doesnt raise any concern, except with Ms. Russe as he often makes her blush. She's twice his age, but he says she's like "a fine wine" and that Charlotte Russe is his favorite, because its "so delicious" like she is. Many times he has tried to court the widow, but thus far she has declined every time. Conrad has known Benoît since they were only boys, mere street urchins. The two have a friendly rivalry in most anything they do. The only thing Benoît doesnt contend for him with is the attention of Ms. Russe, whom he sees as an "old hag". In his mind, if Conrad was as charming as he thinks, he wouldnt be "chasing her dirty apron".

Klaudio is something of a suck-up, always kissing the ass of his employers-especially Mistress Kadath all but literally. He enjoys Master Kadath's tales of adventure, and keeps watch over his collection of oddities. He believes that one day his employers will become especially influential, and will open doors for him to greater things. Klaudio is the most keen mind among them, and he tends to come up plans, contingencies, and strategies while Benoît uses his chutzpah to make the others comply. The two often work closely together.

The Gash is technically Evangeline's because they were hired more for her and her childs sake than Master Kadath's own. While they are payed by Master Kadath, he has ordered them to obey Mistress Kadath as they would himself while he is away. He has asked her not to do anything too extreme with them. Its not that he wouldnt mind a few Wights every once in a while, its just that he doesnt feel like bothering to hire men to replace them. Evangeline, supernaturally sexy in everything she does, toys with and teases them now and then, knowing full well how uncomfortable she makes them-but never quite so much as to interfere with their job. While Conrad's wandering hand finds its way many interesting places, Mistress Kadath's ass is not one of them. While the temptation is great, he knows next to nothing of magic-except that his employer has a lot of it. In her own words "You dont have to keep your hands to yourself. But dont expect Tammy to give them back." While The Gash are respectful of Mistress Kadath, they genuinely fear Master Kadath and are at once attracted by his power.

Lastly, Havoc! fills out the group, serving as a watch dog. He is actually Mistress Kadath's pet, and was handpicked by the Mistress herself-mostly for its prodigious genitals. When the breeder offered to neuter him, Evangeline wouldnt have it. "Then he wouldnt be 'fixed', he'd be broken. There will be no eunuchs in my house." She is very fond of the beast and can often be seen petting one head or the other with a delicate hand. When not by her side, he can be found sitting next to Lars on the porch. Havoc! actually likes Lars, and Lars doesnt mind him either-so long as "that stupid dog" keeps off his lap and off of his leg. Albeit, he would never call it that in front of her.