the ghost of war Rises

The Ghost of War Rises

DM Name: Faithen


Aeron Warblade level 8 Lightlost Human
Eve White Wizard 5, Mage of the Arcane Order 3 8th Level changeling
Kael Cleric6RadiantServant3 9 Beastfolk Wolf
Ariel-Seolla Duskblade level 8 Human

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
10x Ghast (CR3 CR10 Encounter)
2x Ogre Abominations (CR 8, CR 10 Encounter)
3x Ogre Abomination Warriors (CR 12, CR 14 encounter)
2x Ogre Abomination Warriors, 1x lvl 15 Blackguard (CR 16 Encounter)
Aeron 22,600 XP
Eve 22,600 XP
Ariel 22,600 XP
Kael 18,375 XP
Aeron 17,725gp + +1 Mithril Rigid Breastplate of Medium Fortification
Eve 17,725gp + Cloak of Evening (+4 to all saves, comfort, +2 Dex.)
Ariel 17,725gp + Three Socket Drake Helm
Kael 9,175gp + Greater Rod of Defiance (+1 Holy Heavy mace) and +3 Adamantite Full plate mail(gold taken from loot to pay for)

Quest Summary:
The Group had been hired by nobles close to the counsel of Avalon to scout out the land around avalon… and in their searches they found something.. Ogres organized into an army.. an army of undead no less.. but not of the mindless kind. after nearly dying several times, the party had triumphantly vanquished several of them, aswell as some Ghasts which appeared to be grunge workers for the army.. and successfully brought back examples of the manufactured armor and one blackguard to interrogate..

On their return they were paid handsomely.. both by compensation for the items they brought back, and out of consideration for the dangers they had faced.

But now Avalon is aware of what is coming for them, and even now the Counsel of Five stands ready for the march of war.

XP and Rep Awarded by Lisa…holy crap!