The Horror in...Cookie Dough?!

Title: The Dead Side Experiment. Prelude 2: The Horror In Cookie Dough?!
Level Spread: 1-4
Duration: Started at 7:00pm Eastern, Ended 11:00 PM (4 Hours)

Isycar, human, fighter Level 2
Lervanus, Orc Barbarian Level 2
Hussam Arbouqa, Human, Level 3 Wizard
Aliyah Level 1 Elemental (air) sorcerer small canine beastfolk
Antone, Nubian Beastfolk, Wizard 2


One Cookie Army Swarm CR: 3
One Fruitcake Golem: CR:5 (Avoided combat by speaking to the Sprites)
Knocks and the Spite Sprites Bunch: (NPC, non combative)

XP: 800 XP ( 720 XP each + 80 for good RP. )
1,320 Gold
1 Voucher for free treats at A&C Confections.

The party are somewhat stuck in some chaos in the city as something goes horribly wrong. An explosion at a Bakery yields a revolt of the foods inside. They become animated somehow and begin to attack anyone close, fortifying the building and "defending it" from any interlopers. The party investigates to find a large catche of Spite Sprites who have taken residence in the basement. These creatures are known for outright cruelty in their mischief, hence their name. However, just like their kin, they can be negotiated with, which is what the party did. In exchange for some "shinies", the sprites help clean up the mess and go their own way. However, Spite Sprites have a very short attention span, and tend to make a mess somewhere else.

The question is…where did they come from? They don't normally exist in Therafim…or do they?