The Infestation Begins...

Silk, Level 8 Beastfolk (3 Monk, 5 Psiwarrior, Tashlatora build) HP72, AC 23 with no buffs
Ariel Seolla, human, Duskblade, 7, 31 AC, 77 hp
Kael, Level 5 Beastfolk(wolf) Cleric, HP 50, AC 23.
Tirzah, Level 5 human bard, 32 hp, 17 ac
Cordelia Sinclair, Level 7, Cloistered Cleric 5/ Divine Oracle 2, 49 HP, AC 20 (25 with mind domain for 7 rounds)
Lord Stanford Mordeval, Level 4 *Human Wizard, 20 HP, 11 AC.

CR 6
2x CR 6
CR 8

XP reward:
4- 2000
5- 1875 xp
7- 1225
8- 1000 xp

The odd group of adventurers happened to be strolling along the border of the city, right in the core of the docks, when a blood curdling scream resonated through the thick fog that had gathered. There, they were attacked by a strange creature, who was butchering innocent people. After fighting and killing it, they were faced with the dual problem of chasing the others of its kind, and the creatures death throes of exploding acid.

Pursuing the creatures into the sewer, they fought through two more of the monsters, taking away their home advantage of the running waters with a trusty spell from Cordy before killing them, both exploding in a violent explosion of acid. The team began to rest, but lost that moment rapidly as a new creature arrived- an enormous hulking and demented monster that began to hurl acid onto the very walkway they stood on, before unleashing a torrent of horrible attacks. Upon its death, the creature laughed in its death throes before collapsing into the water, unleashing a horrible gas that drained away the life and health of the adventures, all narrowly surviving.

When they resurfaced, they found all the bodies of the murdered gone without a trace.

What next?


All adventurers find a bag of gold equal to 2000 gold pieces at their place of residence from an unknown source.