The Infestation Grows

Lucius/Level 3 Paladin/Beastkin Fox

Mythiv Rallistance / Warlock 3rd / Human

Damien / Rogue 3/Swashbuckler 1 / Raccoonfolk Beastfolk

Echo / Fighter2-Warblade2 / Human

Length: 5 hours


Level 3: 1687
Level 4: 1500

1 CR 3
1 CR 5
5 CR 3

Treasure rewarded:

1 magical item up to your magical item limitation per character
2500gp each

All these items are found in the individual PC’s home as they get home.


For whatever reason to each individual, our adventurers found themselves wandering through the marketplace of Avalon. Lucius, a noble paladin of Bahamut, spoke briefly to a guard before the guard vanished, replaced with a horrible abomination that threatened to devour the unlucky heroes who found themselves fighting it off before pursuing it into the sewers as it fled, facing off against another strange burrowing beast. As the group became victorious in their defeat of these two foes, they came to the horror of fighting off an entire horde of vicious creatures, warding them off one by one. The group escaped, and found unusual rewards at their homes that evening.

Exp awarded by Jennibear