The Insidious Mr White

The Insidious Mr White


  • White Hawk, Human Level 17, Wizard
  • Gabriel, Human Level 14, Warblade
  • Yuria, Elan Level 15, Psion

Challenges White-Hawk & Gabriel only

  • Encounter 1:
    • Harlequin Sally CR20 Half-Exp
  • Encounter 2:
    • Mr. Madcap White CR20 Half-Exp
    • Summoned Creatures

Challenges Yuria only

  • Encounter 1:
    • White-Hawk & Hikage CR20 Half-Exp


  • EXP
    • White-Hawk - 7,650 EXP
    • Gabriel - 16,800 EXP
    • Yuria - 13,500 EXP
  • GOLD
    • White-Hawk, Gabriel, and Yuria - 120,000 GP each.

Special notes

As the encounters were reduced in round time from the original outline, experience was reduced per encounter in accordance.


In the final installment of this quest line, Kara was left babbling nonsense whilst the snake known as Tammuz returned to see to things more aligned to his own nature (player absences). Left to deal with the issue at hand alone, the brave White-Hawk forged on by himself, to rescue Yuria and leave the mastermind behind it all begging for mercy. However, White-Hawk found himself facing Sally, the long since forgotten other personality that resided within Yuria. She had not only been released, but turned upon her former friends and allies at the whims of a man she referred to as Mr. White. After subduing the magics that held Yuria enthralled, and joined by the better-late-than-never Gabriel Aldrecan, Hawk forged on to meet the mastermind behind it all! However, they had walked right into a trap, forced to turn on each other in a matter of mere seconds, and revoked of the ability to use magic for the time being, Hawk pegged Gabe in the dome with a piece of rubble. Gabe returned in kind, finding himself unable to to land his blow, and almost an instant later, the insidious Mr. White sucker punched the both of them. The battled raged on from there, with the two doing anything they could to subdue the beast whilst he busied himself with pieing them in the face or knocking them around with a spring loaded punch glove. As a last ditch effort with the arrival of his defeat, he attempted to use Yuria as a hostage, but the ploy did not work for it counted entirely upon the no longer faithful psion of multiple personalities. THE END?