The Isle of Leng

Lost Leng, The Black Isle


Strange is the night where black stars rise,
And strange moons circle through the skies,
But stranger still is
Lost Carcosa.


Carcosa. The great sargosso sea, like the The King's Net has gathered many lost souls. For countless ages ships have become lost in the sea without wind or current, left to rot. Few escape. Some have survived in The Graveyard of Ships, an artificial island city of wrecks upon wrecks. Some manage to form a sense of brotherhood, forming small societies-but one should be wary, for in their desperation they easily turn on visitors as each other. There is little in the way of hospitality here.

"That place… is strong with the darkness. A domain of evil it is. In you must go."
"What's in there?"
"Only what you take with you."
- Words between a Nightmare Seer and The Lord of Leng, before his descent

Somewhere in Carcosa lies Lost Leng, a rocky isle long forgotten. On the surface its nothing interesting. But what lies beneath, is an unholy grotto and intricate series of caverns. Just as Carcosa acts as a great whirlpool drawing in all that goes into the ocean, floatsam, jetsam, or other refuse-so too does this place, drawing in dark energy like a vile vortice. It is presided over by The High Priest Who Is Not to be Described, The Lord of Leng. Sometimes he has been seen with a demoness who calls him The Traitor's Son, although whose son he is or who they betrayed is wholly unkown. No one has ever seen his face, but it is said to be a nightmarish visage that cannot be described lest one is prepared for an abrupt and sudden descent into madness.

What is known is that the Lord of Leng was a Disciple of The Diamond Heel, a member of The Ephialtes as they are known. Guided to the unholy grotto by a Nightmare Seer he went within, and did not emerge for two days. Conquering what was within and subduing it, he underwent a transformation that made him into a more fitting vessel for The Diamond Heel's divine essence. The time was right, for he had fulfilled the ancient pact made by his ancestors. There within he learned not only how to harness greater power, but also of his lineage-of Za‘red, Queen of Carnarium and The Nameless Blackguard who swore fealty to Father Styx, and of Alzared and Zarediel whose mother’s thighs were slick with molten metal, dripping into sabers for them to wield.

Going out not into the day, but the starry night, The Traitor's Son would seek new converts. The Men of Carcosa had mostly lost faith in the gods. What gods? They were alone in uncaring world in a ocean of fear, filled to the brim with terrible beasts. Yemaja's influence was not here. It was simple thing to proposition them. They had no god, and he brought them one. He could purify their food and drink, heal their wounds and tame their ailments, and most of all-provide them with the means to the shore-any shore in the world. But many of them had been away too long and all could not adapt to their old lives, or had nothing to go back to. And so dozens of men were drawn from The City of Sunken Ships, and into the Ephialtes following, where they hoped to find peace from their sleeplessness or else revel in it.

The Men of Leng spend their time sifting through the refuse of Carcosa for 'lost treasures', as well as raiding others who are still trying to survive in Carcosa. Although they are not all 'right', they eat considerably better than most making them stronger and more fierce. Within the unholy grotto are not only men, but many undead things. Some of his followers were willing or foolish enough to become unliving-some say Bodaks even, and other things were made from the fleshy 'spoils' of their raids. Lord Leng seeks more outsiders, and has aims to gain patronage from Za`red, The Matriarch of his line.

What evils go on within that place are largely unknown to the world, and only understood by a few within Carcosa. The region is isolated and draws little attention. What is more, Leng is actually sufficiently rich in lead deposits that it is impossible to scry within. The island itself is protected with an Illusory Landscape which makes the isle appear slightly smaller than it actually is. The high cliffs of solid rock are made to recede and replaced with jagged black rocks that jut out from the sea, but still appear navigable with care - in truth those that try to navigate them will likely run aground, becoming shipwrecked. The natural entrance to the grotto below the island is hidden by this magic, and only a few know where to find it and have the nerve to sail into what appears to be solid rock.

NPC's & Personalities


  • The Lord of Leng, The High Priest Who Is Not To Be Described : ??? -(CE) Lord of All
    • The Dark Lady of Leng: Lilitu-(CE) Consort and leader in the lord's absence
      • The Vile Votaries (10 Clerics & 10 Wizards):Various -(Any Evil) Ruling Council, planners, and handlers of day-to-day matters. The Arcane sit on the left of the council chamber and the Divine on the right. They are further divided into inner and outer "spheres". The inner seats, sit closest to The Lord, the first five on either side. The outer seats are the next five on either side. There are 10 different jobs, each with two persons assigned to it, one Inner and one Outer. The Inner is the master of the Outer, and the Outer subordinate to the Inner. Should the member of the Inner Sphere die, their Outer will "descend" (not ascend, not rising but falling deeper) and the new Inner will select and train their Outer. There are always an equal number of Wizards and Clerics, representing the balance between The King's sons, Otus and Ephialtes. The current members of the Inner Sphere are thus:
  • Ambassador - Circadian: Wizard; Young, rather tough looking for a wizard, with manly stubble. Usually the first person most people are greeted by in Leng.
  • Treasurer - Larvandad: Wizard; Nasal voiced man with a pockmarked face and thinning hair.
  • Recruitment - Nevantide: Wizard; Emaciated male Drow elf, with a hard gaze. Enthusiastic to embrace the religion, but laments being a non-dreamer.
  • Record keeping - Parasomnea: Wizard; Bespectacled woman who wears a golden snood.
  • Occult Research - Avelengo: Wizard; Old halfling that limps with a cane, often rides on the shoulder of his Outer servitor.
  • Resource Acquisition - Myoclonus: Cleric; Dwarven man with especially crooked teeth, and dry, cracked lips.
  • Master of Sacrifices - Basanater: Cleric; Ibixian (Goatfolk) male with fur dyed red with blood and dozens of small grisly charms dangling from his horns.
  • Astrology - Lugal-Urra: Cleric; Twitchy orc that constantly shakes, he often mutters and stares off into space. Sometimes he goes into violent fits.
  • Apothecary - Akasha: Cleric; Female Anubian (Jackal-folk) with with night black fur, and ears full of rings.
  • Ritual Coordinator - Mesmeria: Cleric; An older, mature woman in her early fourties with chestnut hair. Outspoken, infatuated with The Lord, and jealous of The Dark Lady.

When she insulted The Lady by calling her a demon whore, she tried to apologize, but the lord was unmoved. "You spake precisely what you meant. You reveal to me your mind, and that is what I seek to change. You do not fear, no. But you may suffer yet, indeed suffer WELL that you may better yourself as much as when you dispense it upon others. This is just another aspect of our deity. How easy would it be to abandon you on the shores of The Styx and leave you in the hands of the lusty Skulvyn. Why to be ravaged by them on the shore only to pulled into the waters, you would at best forget…and live the same experience over and over again as if it were FRESH and new with no memory of how you got there. And at worse, or perhaps more mercifully, you would lose your mind, and be humbled and reduced to animal intelligence. To know fear, but not be able to truly contemplate your fate…as a 'demonic whore' ". She begged for her life, saying he couldnt do such a thing. "I CAN. But I wont. GO NOW to The Caves of Contemplation, and stare into the Lake of Darkness. Find solace in the watery abyss and then…wash yourself in its Befouled waters." When she refused to cleanse herself of her wrongdoing in the isle's lake of poison, he ordered Hypnogoga to have her men remove Mesmeria from the council chamber. "You object? Cast her in. Tell Mr. Kincaid, our Torturer to bathe her and bring her to me. That man's idle hands are prone to doing unusual things when he is not kept busy. I however, shall brand her with a Mark of Justice myself."


Hypnogoga (hip-no-go-gah) is a cruel and mirthless mistress, as cold blooded as the icy depths. She serves as captain of the guard, and it is not under a lash, but her firm hand that lost souls are shaped into formidable soldiers. Hypnogoga offers no rewards except the absence of her punishments, which are known to be especially humiliating and creative. She savors suffering, and has supped of them all. When she needs to assert her dominance and put fear in them, it is the same in the barracks as it is in her bedchamber- she prefers to use her fist and not her mouth. The pattern of her armor shares the same style as all those under her command, but features the addition of a cloak and more elaborate sea-shell shaped spaulders. In place of the standard scimitar, she carries a trident as a sign of her office.

Only horrific scars and a hard body tell her story. Her lips are silent- but by her unnatural silver eye (the left one replaced with a polished carnelian), her shorn hair, and the way she stands head and shoulders above her men, one can guess she is an Amazon exile. She greatly admires The Dark Lady of Leng, being her lover, wanting to be like her, and at once envying her. Though she recognizes his divinity, she believes the High Priest Who Is Not To Be Described would be nothing were it not for the demoness at his side. Furthermore, she sees The Diamond Heel not as a male 'King', but rather as an abstract entity of pure dread that can take as many forms as the limits of mortal fear allow.

  • The Three Wraiths of The Waves
    • Caliban: Wraith -(LE) Captain of the Cauchemar
    • Sycorax: Wraith -(LE) Guardian of The Temple
    • Setebos: Wraith -(LE) Keeper of The Labyrinth


  • Cogliostro (Shipwright): Gnome - (NN)
  • Roy Rennison (Smith): Dwarf - (LN)
  • William Kincaid (Torturer): Human -(CE)
  • The Engineer: (Architect): Warforged - (NN)

Rank & File

  • Plague Walkers: Undead -(CE) Shock Troops, ordnance
    • Necrosis Carnexi: Undead -(NE) Support, undead-healers, life sappers, ordnance, watch dogs
      • Men of Leng: Various -(Any Non-Good) Infantry, zealous raiders and defenders. An amalgam of lost sailors from within Carcosa and ruthless mercenaries from afar.
          • Miscellaneous: Various -(NN) General laborers, Cooks

The men of Leng are noted not only for their armor (patterned after Hypnogoga's as noted above), but their unique asymmetrical helmets, based on the shape of a sea shell. They are quite complex and composed of a few dozen pieces that must be fitted together. Though sturdy and fearsome, the Standard Issue Composite Helm (SICH) is not easily produced in large quantities. The Men of Leng are allowed to make embellishments and additions, from wax seals pinning parchment with words of scripture, to small charms, color, and engraved phrases -provided that embellishments do not (1) decrease their combat effectiveness, and (2) do not include full face covering modifications. The faces of every man must be visible. Hypnogoga is the final judge of whether they are appropriate.

Full Staff Roster & Crew Manifest:


Area #32 connects to #33;
The "Y" juncture between #37 and #36 connects to #38
Area #34 and #44 connect to the "Y" juncture between #17 and #18
The passage below Area # 11 connects to #7

Tier 0 -Approx 300ft Below Sea Level
Tier I - Sea Level
Tier II - Approx 600ft Above Sea Level
Tier III - Approx 1200ft Above Sea Level
Tier IV - Approx 1800ft Above Sea Level (Comprised of 600ft Solid Rock above Tier III) Terraces have been magically cut into this tier, providing space for plants to be cultivated and dwellings to be built for those who wish to live as serfs under the Lord of Leng. Watchment look out over the sea, and ballistas are mounted here. This is also the location of the training grounds where any new recruits prove their faith and their worth.


It may seem tempting to try to take over Lord Leng's operations, but in truth it would be a fruitless conquest for most men. There Are No Profits To Be Made Here. What. SO. EVER. The operation is run at a loss equal to its upkeep every year which is likely to grow. Gold goes in, but very little goes out, and so many would be left wondering where all the money comes from.

There are NO PROFITS. Its not a business, this is what one must understand. The PURPOSE of the small operation lies in the fact that Carcosa is likened to the Pacific Trash Vortex in real life. Lord Leng might be insane, given his choice of deity it is likely, but he is a firm believer that "Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time."

If there is anything to be gained from Ocean, perhaps ALL PanOceana, he believes it will be found in Carcosa. Knowledge is power. Its a kind of 'lore' mining operation, because everything that has ever gone into the ocean that can be carried by currents will end up there if it doesnt sink to the bottom where it was. The Men of Leng spend their time sifting through all that, as well as raiding and fighting (which the ones 'native' to Carcosa employed by him would do anyway for ship building material to ESCAPE Carcosa's grasp). There's little profit (IF any) to be turned from Carcosa in exporting its refuse or from stealing from people who basically dont have anything.

His forces can also offer a measure of protection from the scrags, merrows, and weresharks that hunt the men of Carcosa-which only requires 'tithes' of ship- building materials or their service. When they do not give these things they may take them. Stealing ship-building material, the most prized treasure among Carcosa 'natives, works to coerce them to deal with Lord Leng as the easiest 'way out'. He offers mercenaries from outside gold, and but also offer those from within Carcosa not only GOLD but better everything than if they were on their own, as well as the chance to LEAVE that wretched place.