The Match Is Struck

Light The Fires of Doomsday

(Continued from here)

(Reserved/Semi-Open See For Details)

DM Name: Sorrowdusk

Session I (11/17/11) 2 hours
Session II (1/19/12) 3 hours


Nerylos Ranger 4 /Duskblade 3 /Rogue 2
Roka Ranger 5/Deepwood Sniper 5
Silk Monk 3 Psychic/Warrior 5
Ariel Duskblade 11




Quest Summary:


[19:56] * Nerylos is seeming to come into his adventuring life well. He stands a muscular lithe 6' tall mass of black amphibian skin. A

well-made bow rests in his hands, and through a number of piercings in his exposed bones, a matte black swath of chain has been attached to

his body, further armoring his form. At his side is the massive wolf Skarl, ever-present at his side. He warily scans the town. "Can't help

but thinking…all those people dead in the forest sounds a lot like what happened to that trading post."
[19:57] <`Silk> "You think so?" Silk asks, "I was thinking the same thing this morning…the whole thing stinks, but…we gotta do what

we gotta do…I think."
[19:58] <@Scathien> Roka just shivers quietly… a frown on her face but she seemed ok… "Agreed… I hope we run into that thing

again… I want to put several arrows into its eye…"
[19:59] <Nerylos> "Mmm…putting that thing back to death would be a weight off my conscience."
[20:05] <‘Silk> "Arrows? I’m gonna tear its arm off and shove side ways up his decrepid bughole." she says with a frown, ears down…she

was mad that it hurt Roka…and she was gonna get that thing.

[20:06] <%DMTam> Hohoho that's quote worthy Silk.
[20:08] <`Silk> Its in her character.

Music Sets The Mood
[20:58] <%DMTam> His shouts would draw his men, and the townsfolk would begin to trickle in as well. They subdued her and brought her to

the local jail, which around here, usually holds nothing more than drunkards and vagabonds at worse.
[20:58] * Nerylos rubs his lizardskin chin.
[20:58] <%DMTam> They searched her, although there wasnt much-she wore a threadbare hooded robe and nothing else. The only things on her

person were an odd book, the knife with which she assailed Constable Chiselgrip, and….grisly as it may seem, what they were sure was a

missing piece of Mrs. Mabai's liver…."<fin>
[20:59] <%DMTam> (( ))

[21:00] <Nerylos> Ok
[21:00] <Nerylos> that is awesome music
[21:00] <%DMTam> }:-)
[21:01] <`Silk> Nice choice

With a Nice Chianti
[21:02] * `Silk sticks her tongue out at those words, "So what was this girl doin anyway? Eating it?" she asks curiously, "What?"

21:06] <%DMTam> Well she was enjoying it with a nice chianti and having quite the after dark picknic
[21:07] * `Silk eyerolls
[21:07] <Nerylos> lol
[21:08] <Nerylos> > having quite the after dark picknic
[21:08] <Nerylos> I lost
[21:11] <%DMTam> lost what?
[21:11] <%DMTam> the game?
[21:12] <Nerylos> you lauigh you lose

Genre Savvy
[21:40] <%DMTam> [21:40] <@Scathien> Roka nods quietly. "alright, well go check the monestary out… hopefully nothing bad has happened to

them… though with what weve been up against before…" She trails off a little and just shivers lightly, her tail flicking behind her in

[21:40] <%DMTam> [21:40] <@Scathien> Roka nods quietly. "alright, well go check the monestary out… hopefully nothing bad has happened to

[21:41] <%DMTam> hopefully nothing bad has happened to them..
[21:41] <%DMTam> You just jinxed it.
[21:41] <@Scathien> oh please, we all know something bad has already happened :P
[21:41] <@Scathien> roka didnt jinx a damn thing *chuckles*
[21:41] <%DMTam> What.
[21:41] <@Scathien> cause this wouldnt be a good quest if they went up there and everything was fine *Sagenod*
[21:42] <%DMTam> Genre savvy.