The Memorial Fountain

This memorial fountain was commissioned by Sir T. Talwar -Kadath, a Knight of Avalon. Sir T.T.-Kadath's wife served as the model for the project. As a B. Jung & B. Freid collaborative effort, it symbolizes the triumph of Avalon over The Dark One. Sir T.T. Kadath sought to marry these two different styles in a single collaborative project. 10ft away from the fountain, there is a 3ft high pedestal with a brass plaque. Engraved on it is a poem penned by the patron who commissioned the monument, followed by a brief message to visitors.

Vae Victus
They knew one day would break,
our endless waves of hate upon them.
Watch now, their temples down,
how we bring Him hell
and in a deep sea of loathing, how we drown Him.
This deluge He cannot escape,
the Tides of Terror are upon Him.
Under an Unforgiving Heel,
and with great power, have we ground Him.
-Sir T.T.Kadath

On this day, Feb 14th, XX11
Avalon was freed from Two Days of Darkness.
This Monument honors those heroes who fought
against The Dark One and his cults that night.
It also honors all those fallen in The Siege
and those who fought for Avalon though they
be unnamed.

May Avalon shine on, and She be erased from
Her Enemies memories by their searing pain,
so she might know peace forever more again.

Sir Tammuz Talwar-Kadath
Tonia Aldrecen

The monument is a great circular fountain 30ft across and 2.5 ft high with a black bottom which makes the water appear pitch black. Dozens of slender pillars of stone an inch in diameter rise up from the bottom; some barely breaking the surface and others below the water. All are lit by a Continual Flame giving the illusion that fire burns beneath the black waters occassionally erupting from below. If one pauses to listen, one can hear the faint whispering from a Ghost Sound. The outside wall is decorated with many intricate reliefs which depict The Siege of Avalon. The largest figures in relief are those in the foreground at 6in tall, and there are litterally over a thousand of them altogether.

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A grotesque statue of a fiend in polished black marble, 10ft from hoove to horn, is directly in the middle of the fountain. He lays supine-arms and legs haphazardly splayed with wings broken. Jets of water spray out from beneath him, representing the splash down as he crashes into the awful lake. Around him Six ornate fountain heads, realistically wrought in the shape of coiling Styx Dragons, tear at his broken wings and spray him with alternating jets of their misty mind crushing breath. These heads are illuminated by a Light spell, properly depicting their lures. Though the marble is polished the fiend's body is depicted with suppurating sores, flesh and hair sloughing off, his pathetic limp phallus covered in barbs and boils. Those with a keen eye and medical or planar knowledge will realize it is a disturbingly accurate depiction of Stygian Wasting, a supernatural disease spread by Styx Dragons.

Just before one would be overtaken by the abject horror of the scene out of the underworld, one suddenly notices the delicate female foot upon the fiends chest and the ankle adorned with a platinum band. The eye follows the slender leg, right up to the child bearing hips with virgin lips, traces the crescent curves that blossom into the buxom bosom, and then at last finds relief in the serene visage of an otherwordly woman. She is done in white marble that positively glows in sunlight or with the pale light of the Styx Dragons that have set upon her foe. She is adorned with platinum arm bands, anklets, and a torc set with stones. In a feat of engineering, she stands on one foot with the other knee raised high as she dives upon him, hair streaming up above her. Like an Amazon, the angelic figure expertly wields a spear plated in silverly mithril with two hands, poised to impale her foe.