The Mind of Death

DM Name: Dallys


Colt, Level 2 Beastfolk Fighter
Syan, Level 2 Beastfolk Rogue
Liliana, Level 2 Human Psion
Kayrel, Level 3 Beastfolk Cloistered Cleric
Alisaadi, Level 3 Human Ardent

6 Ghouls (CR 1 Each)
3 Ghasts (CR 3 Each)
1 Brain in a Jar (CR 4)

1170 For all involved.

1710 Gold pieces for each involved.

Responding to the distressed citizens of a small hamlet, the party investigates the abandoned temple north of the small town. It is there where they discover a hidden nest of ghouls and ghasts, as well as an undead brain floating in a magically animated jar. Upon dispatching the threat, the party was rewarded with coin and trade goods that were easily turned into more coin back in Avalon city.